Expedite the value of your business by updating your data instantly

We do it all for you with our customized data refresh platform, from data discovery to delivering up-to-date data back to your system. With Freda, you can achieve a competitive edge by obtaining low-cost, real-time updated data from reliable sources and making informed business decisions.

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Access refresh data and avoid the risks associated with obsolete data

According to Gartner, organizations spend an average of $12.9 million every year due to poor-quality data. Manually verifying and validating the data is both time and money-consuming, and this can be simplified with our intelligent custom workflow platform.

All you have to do is choose your business vertical and the attributes you require, and our custom workflow platform will deliver you fresh and reliable data in a few minutes.

Why is Freda the best platform for all of your data validation requirements?




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Leverage our user-friendly interface to obtain fresh data and propel your business

Improve efficiency and performance with Robotic Process Automation

You don't need to know complex codes or search for multiple platforms to get real-time data and validate your dataset. We do it all for you with our robust data refresh platform, Freda.

monitor pricing intelligence
invoice data extraction
Scalable and reliable

Add new attributes and validation rules as your business grows without the need for different data service partners for your new data requirements. Meet your scaling business needs hassle-free with our intelligent data validation platform.

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Advanced access management

Capture, validate, and access refresh data securely with role-based privileges while restricting unauthorized users from accessing your data. Prevent data breaches by assigning credentials to specific user roles within your organization.

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Seamless user interface

Bring data into the system quickly by simply clicking the attributes required for your business without the need for complex coding. Check the progress of your customized workflow and identify bottlenecks using metrics displayed in our well-defined real-time dashboard.

Organize internal data
Accurate data validation

Validate the extracted data automatically with custom validation rules and create more effective marketing strategies. Train your ML models by standardizing and labeling data with a human-in-the-loop approach to achieve the desired level of cognitive capability.

How does Freda work?

Our customizable data refresh platform allows you to select a set of attributes defined for each industry with a single click. The navigation flow is given below to extract and validate the data needed for your business.


Bot management, data extraction, and validation are powered by our in-house platforms namely Worxtream, Mobito, and Mojo.

Automation is no longer a difficult task. Choose Freda to automate your workflows

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Easy to use

Create custom workflows quickly and easily with the click of a button. Achieve your desired output in no time by selecting the type of industry vertical to which the input data belongs and the attributes you require.

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Flexible pricing

Pay as per your project needs by estimating the total cost of executing your entire project in our user-defined platform. Scale-up as your business grows while rapidly producing an impressive ROI.

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Exceptional customer experience

Deliver more effective business offerings to your customers. Target the right customer and embrace new business models by having access to real-time updated data from reliable sources with our customized platform.

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Better operational efficiency

Increase the business productivity while boosting data confidence scoring. Capture reliable and fresh data with a robust data refresh platform and allow your teams to focus on other tasks that will reap greater rewards.

Choose Freda to achieve your goals faster with the perfect data

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