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A leading Internet company based in Japan provides price comparison service, restaurant search and reservation service, and information on real estate properties, travel updates, movies, automobiles, and bus details.

By enabling users to make informed decisions using their marketplace, this company has created a trusted platform that empowers consumers and fosters healthy competition among brands. The company also offers advertising and marketing services to businesses, helping them reach their target audience effectively.

They also have a job search portal that utilizes precise location insights to connect job seekers with the right opportunities, revolutionizing how we find employment. They approached to get accurate POI data that can be integrated into their platform, making job searches easier.

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A job search platform is a crucial gateway for job seekers and employers to connect and find suitable opportunities. Accuracy is paramount in such platforms as it ensures job seekers receive reliable and up-to-date information about job openings, requirements, and application processes.

The company had latitude and longitude details for its platform integration process. However, they could not tie it to the nearest neighborhood of the job search user. Therefore, they wanted accurate US POI data for specific brands, regions, and public utilities.

The locations of each brand store had to be indicated with the following data points:

  • By Brand - Jobs near The Avenue Store in NY

  • By Region - Jobs in Oakland, California

  • By Public Utility - Jobes near Denver International Airport

To enhance the precision of their job search platform and provide accurate job listings to the user based on the above criteria, the company approached to get detailed POI datasets. Solutions and Analysis

With years of experience in the locations industry, was aware that location insights enable candidates to refine their search based on proximity, commuting distance, or specific locations of interest. Therefore, accuracy and coverage were our two primary focus areas.

Since LocationsXYZ is an extensive POI database, we delivered off-the-shelf chains already in our repository, along with public utilities in the US.

  • ~19,326 Airports

  • ~1251 Railway stations

  • 2,966 Chains with approximately 3.2 Million locations

With POI data, we also provided a vast list of datatypes that helped the company analyze and condition the platform for accurate search results. The attributes included -

  • UID

  • Location Name

  • Street Address 1

  • Street Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Country Code

  • Zip Code

  • Phone Number

  • Hours of Operation

  • Website

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

  • Store Type

With our team of efficient GIS engineers, we could deliver the data in a week with 95% accuracy. Through LocationsXYZ’s POI data, the company built robust software that assisted employers in analyzing the talent pool in different locations, identifying regional hiring trends, and helping employees to look for the right job at suitable locations.

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