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Securely access and manage real-time data from multiple sources, and gain business insights with our AI-powered Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform. We have served organizations worldwide across industries for more than two decades, with strong expertise in handling data.

Empower your organization with customized data management services.

Our DaaS services give you real-time access to structured and updated data, allowing you to spend more time developing successful business strategies and less time researching the right data.

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competitive pricing monitoring

Assured data quality

Our AI-powered data platform tracks all data changes in real-time, deduplicates data, thereby improving data quality. Derive meaningful insights and build more precise strategies to increase your business goals with high-quality data.

assortment analysis

Secured data access

We extract and unify data from disparate sources, normalize data into a single standard format, eliminate siloed data, and comply with data privacy regulations. Enrich and protect your company's data with fully automated processes and regulations, limiting privileged access to authorized resources.

competitor monitoring tools

Remote collaboration

We extract data from disparate sources of various formats and initiate collaboration with teams and stakeholders in different locations. Produce shareable data and make it easily accessible across the organization to effectively manage cost and time.

competitor monitoring tools

Seamless data access

Our highly flexible and scalable platforms provide access to high-quality and updated data. Discover and securely share live standardized data across the business with multi-cloud data platforms and develop new revenue streams.

Real-time data management services for informed business decisions. offers robust data as a service platform that discovers, standardizes, and enables a seamless flow of high-quality data across organizations. The DaaS platform provides real-time data access and requires near-zero data management efforts from your employees so that you direct your time and resources towards the growth and success of your organization.

invoice data extraction
Data Extraction

Increase productivity by automatically extracting and transforming structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and integrating them into the cloud and on-premises systems. Utilize our real-time data extraction tool's extract, transform, and load process to advance your business operations.

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Data Enrichment

Increase the value of your data by cleaning and incorporating information from other sources. Our AI-powered in-house platforms boost lead scoring by enriching your database with relevant and standardized data and integrating the updated data into your CRM, ERP, or Bi systems.  Learn more

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Data Quality

Procure accurate business insights with deduplicated, verified, and standardized data. Manage data quality and standardization processes automatically with customized bots to eliminate manual data quality checks and accelerate business data preparation.  Learn more

Organize internal data
Data Management

Access high-quality and enriched data from our secure databases, managed by fully automated data management platforms. Our configurable bots identify, extract, and validate data from online sources for errors and obsolete information and improve operational efficiency.

relevant contract data
Data Modeling

Manage data across the organization by collecting necessary data, translating it, and labeling it into accessible data models. Our AI-powered data annotation platform uses a continuous feedback mechanism to train your ML models to be specific to the use cases and attributes.

Organize internal data
Metadata management

Get a comprehensive view of data by ensuring that sensitive data in datasets is flagged and tagged. Automate the process of metadata discovery, ingestion, and modeling with our powerful rule management feature to reduce compliance risks for your company.

Join us as we harness the power of data to help grow your business.

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.