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FinXtract enables smart automation for real-time financial data extraction to equip you with crucial business insights. Use powerful AI for all your financial data needs without any technical hassles.

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Are you spending too much time and money on extracting high volumes of financial data from multiple unstructured sources and still end up compromising on quality and accuracy? You’ve reached the right place. FinXtract, with advanced intelligent automation and expert assistance, can seamlessly extract financial data in a jiffy.

Who can use FinXtract

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Financial institutions

Credit risk officer

Check the creditworthiness of borrowers using sensitive financial information.

Investment advisors

Investment advisor

Personalize investment solutions with real-time financial data extraction.


Financial analyst

Create robust financial models by analyzing accurate financial reports.

Here’s how FinXtract can help you

multiple source data extraction
Quick data transformation

We help extract critical financial data from disparate sources and give you a detailed view of company financials.

Analyze and extract required data instantly from various financial documents by using taxonomy mapping & ML models.
Observe patterns in financial data across the years and forecast market trends to make superior business decisions.
multiple source data extraction
Assured data quality

Our ML model ensures the continuous flow of enriched financial data that can be directly fed into your system.

Evaluate your financial data using our human-in-the-loop feedback mechanism, which is enabled to ensure data quality.
Receive insights on the correct and wrong attributes, the coverage ratio, and the accuracy of the attributes.
multiple source data extraction
Seamless integration

Built on API, our financial extraction tool smoothly integrates accurate and compliant data into your existing systems.

Process your data in the desired format through our tool — using business logic components (statement parser, data validator, etc.).
Accelerate time-to-insights both on-premise and in the cloud by integrating FinXtract into your ERP, CRM, Power BI & Tableau software.
multiple source data extraction
Robust data extraction solution

FinXtract is a scalable and modular extraction solution built on XDAS to solve unique business challenges.

Power your data extraction process using relevant ML capabilities like document validator, statement classifier, and OCR to extract the data.
Access and flexibly ingest financial data in batches, for specific time periods, or in real-time according to your business requirements.

Case Study

An expert financial solutions provider wanted a powerful tool to integrate external web sources into their Regulatory Compliant Platform (RC). Our XDAS-powered data extraction software crawled a wide range of public sources to provide the RC with relevant information on KYC and AML in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.