Elevate your business to the next level with our intelligent data extraction solution

Capture, extract, process and centralize data from structured and unstructured data sources and power your business with pivotal insights by deploying intelligent data extraction.



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intelligent data extraction

Accelerate your business growth and gain competitive agility by accessing web data instantly

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated. Manually analyzing the massive amounts of data to achieve insights for your business can be expensive and time-consuming. Xtract.io meets all of your data needs by extracting structured and unstructured data accurately and securely integrating it into your system.

Innovate your business with accurate and relevant data

Get high-quality data within minutes from the web and back your business decisions with correct data to boost your business performance and improve your bottom line.

AI Powered data extraction
Robust data extraction

Extract information through end-to-end automation from external web sources or internal entity data sources of any size. Manage and leverage web data effectively to revolutionize your business with standardized data using our AI-powered technologies.

quality data validation
Powerful data validation

Make more confident business decisions by relying on data that is accurately validated by our team of experts, ensuring quick turn-around time. Obtain high-quality, enriched data, free of anomalies, and compliant with regulatory changes by using pre-built data validation rules and a feedback mechanism.

flexible data integration
Flexible Data Integration

Exploit powerful business insights from a myriad of standardized extracted input data sources. Integrate the data silos with powerful APIs into systems like Drupal, BigCommerce, ERP, and HRMS in the cloud and on-premises using our seamless data integration feature.

data extractio dashboards
Insightful dashboards and reports

Access the extracted data and check the metrics through custom, intuitive dashboards and reports instantly. Gain real-time updates and spend less time manually reviewing reports to identify and address your business challenges with web data extraction solutions.

Any data type, any source, we pull the validated data for you

If you are looking forward to making successful financial investments, assessing risks in your business contracts, and targeting the right audience, we've got you covered with our powerful data extraction solution. We extract information from a variety of documents, including

contracts documents extraction


image extraction


email data extraction


website data extractor


invoice data extraction

Invoice data

social media data extraction

Social media

extract from database


finance data extraction

Financial statements

Reliable data for accurate insights and business intelligence

extract business critical information
Achieve maximum ROI

Extract business critical information through end-to-end automation from external web sources or internal entity data sources of any size. Manage and leverage web data effectively to revolutionize your business with standardized data using our scalable AI-powered technologies.

instant data extraction
Minimize manual intervention

Process millions of heterogeneous documents and extract information within a few minutes, automatically saving hours of manual work. Accelerate your business workflows while we extract, transform and load structured data into your database.

optimize sales funnel
Optimize sales funnel

Analyze every customer touchpoint-generated data to target the right audience with effective marketing strategies. Drive conversions by analyzing your competitors and market trends with the data silos sourced from multiple databases with AI-powered data extraction solutions.

data collecting solutions
Enable data-driven decision

Make data-backed business decisions and craft innovative solutions without putting the quality of the extracted data into question. Meet your company's objectives using facts, metrics, and other data derived from our innovative data extraction solution.

Explore how we helped a US-based travel and event intelligence provider automate data extraction and aggregation from 63+ resources on various data points, including points of interest and schedule dates.

Explore how we helped a large B2B commercial data analytics and intelligence corporation provide accurate business insights through our homegrown, AI-powered data platforms.

Unlock the full potential of your business with our intelligent and agile data extraction solution

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