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In an era of data abundance, generating business value has always been an exhausting and extensive task.


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Our Story, an enterprise data management solutions platform from Mobius, was founded in the belief that organizations should run their business based on data rather than their gut feeling. We are a bunch of enthusiastic and tech-savvy folks who are passionate in making data as your most valuable asset.

our story

Our Mission

There are tons of information available both inside your organization like business emails, PDFs, text files, log files, etc., and outside your organization in the form of web data, images, and reviews.

Our mission is to unearth meaningful and insightful data from various complex data sources to drive tangible business outcomes. We empower organizations to embrace data abundance to achieve their business goals.

our mission
why Xtract


Our 2 decades of expertise in playing around with web data has rendered us to build our suite of products and platforms to automate data operations both on cloud and/or client premises. Our Data Engineers build scalable, end-to-end solutions to coordinate all your data operations. Our Data experts employ various ML algorithms to aggregate the required data from the pool of information. We also pre-process and make it business-ready to accelerate your analytics and business operations.

why Xtract

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Explore how our customers across various industries utilize our aggregation services to amplify their business

Quality Policy will endeavor to provide the complete suite of required back-office services and deliver sustainable competitive advantage to our clients through operational excellence. We aim to deliver high quality customer service and value to our clients.

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© 2024 Mobius Knowledge Services
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