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Revolutionize decision-making using polygon data

Explore polygon data of retail, accommodation, food stores, indoor malls, airports, heliports, ferry terminals, and park & ride locations.

This sample dataset includes polygons of “Target” and “McDonalds” store locations and indoor malls polygons of “Norfolk Premium Outlets” in the U.S.

Leverage precise property boundary maps to visualize location polygons

About two-thirds of businesses use location data to gain business insights and uncover new opportunities. Polygons, the boundary of a location or a building, is a powerful metric in location-based marketing.


Attract customers with targeted location-based marketing


Understand competitors to make tactical business moves


Track mobility patterns to gain consumer insights


Measure real-time store visits & associated behavior insights


Choose optimal
sites and plan business strategies

We deliver the data that you trust!

Our GIS engineers and quality experts create and validate building boundaries to deliver location polygons with the highest accuracy and quality.

Geospatial intelligence with polygon data

Xtract.io polygon repository consists of 700K+ million polygons across different categories such as airports, heliports, ferry terminals, shopping malls, etc. Around 500K+ polygons indicate locations from retail, accommodation, and food & dining categories. In addition to off-the-shelf categories, we can build a new POI database and extract polygon data or can also deliver on-demand polygon data for a given points-of-interest.

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Location-based marketing

71% of people prefer personalized ad experiences. Using GIS polygon data, send push notifications to your customers about a discount offer, new scheme, a product launch, and many more. Determine the user’s location boundary, send geo-targeted notifications, and boost sales, growth, and engagement with customers.

Mobility Analysis

Measure footfall around a store, customer behavior, patterns, their dwell time to strategize business operations. Connect the dots between the user and the brand to provide a better customer experience. At Xtract.io, boundaries of stores inside a mall, airports, parking spaces, etc., are extracted to help customers with mobility analysis.

mobilty analysis
competitive location intelligence

Competitive location intelligence

Leverage location polygon data to understand the city's most popular and growing store or brand. Understand the competitor‘s position in the market to forecast and strategize business plans effectively. Take a data-driven approach to validate your location-based decision and stay ahead of the competition.

competitive location intelligence

Why choose us?

Because Xtract.io, with 18+ years of GIS expertise, offers location-intelligence solutions that are verified, trustworthy, and easy to use, allowing businesses, innovators, and data analysts to make strategic data-driven moves.

location intelligence solution


Our GIS data engineers manually create, verify, and finalize each polygon to deliver tailor-made data points.



Old data is bad data for us. Polygons are updated periodically to ensure recency. You will always find the latest data in our repository!



Our engineers perform extensive research to deliver precise and high-quality polygon datasets.



Name it, and we shall deliver the data to suit your needs. Excel, WKT, GeoJSON, Shapefile, or any other file formats. We have it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 680K+ polygons spread across retail stores, travel, and accommodation places; and public utility places such as airports, heliports, indoor malls, ferry terminals, park & ride locations, etc.

Polygon datasets are delivered in WKT, GeojSON, Shapefile, GDB formats, as per your requirements. We refresh the polygon dataset as per your preferred refresh cadence.

All our polygons are manually created using GIS applications (like QGIS/ArcGIS etc.) by referring to aerial imageries and a street view of the location.

In addition to aerial imagery and street view of the location, our GIS data engineers refer to the venue's layout/elevation plan available in corresponding company websites and manually create indoor polygons to ensure higher accuracy.

Yes. We have polygons for various points of interest in public utility categories like airports, heliports, indoor malls, ferry terminals, and park & ride locations.

In addition to polygon data offering, we can build polygons for any locations/categories as per your requirement on-demand basis. We can also customize polygons and capture related information like entry and exit points of the locations.

Yes. Xtract.io can create on-demand polygons for any locations/categories, as per your requirement.

Polygons are vital for any business and industry, ranging from location-based marketing to workplace employee time tracking. The top 3 use cases include -

  1. Geomarketing
  2. Mobility analysis and
  3. Location-based services
  4. Read more

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.