Competitive analysis through location-driven solutions

Perform competitive intelligence research to locate where your competitors are and how they are positioned to devise a powerful business strategy.

Understand consumer behavior and derive deeper insights to gain a competitive advantage

Competition is everywhere. But, it doesn’t matter if your competitors’ analysis is strong and on-point. POI data helps you navigate the competitive intelligence industry by analyzing and mapping the competitor landscape to make geo-strategic decisions.

Expanding to new market segments with location intelligence

Discover how helped this CPG company penetrate into new market segments with location and competitive intelligence data.

Measure consumer preferences, competitor performance, and market insights with rich and accurate POI datasets

Know which stores your customers are going to, their dwell time at the store, and their purchasing patterns to understand the current market needs and demands

Create geofences around a store to gauge consumer behavior and identify real-time changing mobility patterns in the market

Assess the market dynamics, positioning of your store or brand, and the pricing of your products through extensive competitive market analysis

Target your ideal customers through location-based campaigns, exclusive promotions, and personalized experiences as compared to your competitors

Build winning strategies and create better in-store experiences by measuring foot traffic, and understanding consumer requirements and market trends

Analyze the proximity and accessibility of your store, compared to your competitors for the customers to enrich their shopping experiences

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