Achieve high accuracy in lease abstraction with LeaseCatalyst

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Accelerating decision-making for realtors, commercial real estate firms, property managers, and more

Track over 1000 data points accurately from multiple lease documents.

Ensure accurate CAM reconciliations and audits by identifying discrepancies.

Validate the data abstracted from lease documents for enhanced accuracy.

Increase your lease management operational efficiency by 10X.

Revolutionize your Lease Management workflow with advanced Lease Abstraction


Advanced Technologies

LeaseCatalyst is powered by XDAS and leverages Gen−AI, NLP, OCR, and ML for the most accurate lease abstraction. Our advanced algorithms automatically extract relevant data from lease documents with 10X efficiency, saving time and mitigating manual errors.


Data Retrieval and standardization

Standardizes data across different leases for consistency and easy comparison and analysis. Features a quick search option for lease terms, clauses, and data points for instant lease data, making it easier to retrieve information when needed.


Centralized Lease Data

Facilitates uploading and storing lease documents in one place for a comprehensive record. A centralized repository makes it easier for realtors and real estate firms to locate, manage, and analyze information from multiple leases.


Alerts and Notifications

LeaseCatalyst offers alert functionalities to notify its users of critical dates, events, or changes in lease terms for proactive lease management. It lets users track lease expiration and renewal dates, ensuring business opportunities are always noticed.


Reporting and Analytics

Enables higher data accuracy to ensure confident business decisions that help you scale your success. With our lease abstraction platform, one can continuously track performance and generate critical insights.


Robust Integrations

Easily integrates with your internal or third-party systems to maintain a single source of truth. Its powerful integration capabilities ensure seamless data flow across the organization, enabling easy data access and swift decision-making.

AI-integrated lease abstraction software crafted for universal applicability

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Perform Accurate Lease Abstraction in Minutes


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XDAS-powered LeaseCatalyst helps users extract critical information on financial transactions and legal details from lease documents. Get granular insights and a bird’s eye view of your projects through intuitive dashboards. Outsource projects for end-to-end lease management and focus on core business processes.


Enable multilingual lease abstraction

A feature that is integral for real estate businesses that expand beyond geographical boundaries. LeaseCatalyst supports 40+ global languages and provides high-quality lease abstraction from lease agreements in a short turnaround time, ensuring agility and high quality in your operations.


Avoid risks and identify opportunities

Automated lease abstraction enhances the efficiency of your portfolio management while helping you mitigate risks through well-informed decision-making. Utilize reliable information to identify potential opportunities for cost savings and increased earnings that usually remain overlooked.

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.