Location Intelligence Data

Why does your business need Location Analytics?

location intelligence platform

Know your competition

location intelligence software

Identify store clusters

location intelligence solutions

Detect sales potential

location based intelligence

Build customer engagement

Elevate your business with location analytics

location analytics

Choose the right location

Gain insights on the presence of a competitor, availability of resources, socio-demographic data, psychographic data, transactional, and legal/political data for your store location and expansion strategies

location intelligence applications

Identify new opportunities

Discover the best of business opportunities based on the insights from competitor’s locations within a physical boundary, the probability of a customer walking toward a store, possibilities of new entrants, and more

location targeting

Location-driven targeting

Add context to your messaging by connecting with customers based on the physical location combined with third-party data like footfall traffic within defined boundaries like malls and airports that give you insights on total visits to your store, closeness to a competitor’s store, etc

Deepen customer understanding

Enrich user experience

Personalize campaigns

Improve app engagement

Case Study

How Xtract.io helped this CPG company penetrate into new market segments with location based intelligence. Intelligent expansion strategies made possible through POI data analysis and demography analysis.

Fuel business growth by tapping into our Location Intelligence solutions

With our location intelligence data, you can save hours of time spent on analyzing large datasets. You can get an instant view of visual-based analytics of locations and demographic data that help you draw insights for various business decisions.

location intelligence analytics

Uncover new business opportunities

These real-time datasets of various locations give you deep insights into the competitive landscape, feasibility analysis for expansions, understand customer behavior, execute tactical promotions, and more.

location intelligence analytics

Understand competitor landscape

Understand the competitive landscape to rethink your approach with the help of an in-depth analysis of negative influencers, positive influencers, reviews, population density, the magnitude of positive and negative influence, etc

location intelligence analytics
location intelligence

Detect trends and patterns

Our location intelligence platform helps you assess and qualify a location for your store establishment with location analytics of businesses in a specified region, neighborhoods of that region, the performance of existing businesses, business trends across different areas

location intelligence

Execute strategic campaigns

Communicate contextually with customers based on insights from their location intelligence data, online activity, tastes, and preferences, footfall traffic, probability of entering a competitor store etc for better conversions

location intelligence data
location data companies

Plan and stock inventories

Combine location insights with third-party sources of data like the demography of the local community within a region, to plan and replenish your inventories based on the tastes and demands of the local community

location data companies

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