Build effective geomarketing strategies with accurate POIs

Identify who your customers are, where they often visit, what is their purchasing pattern, and many more to target them at the right time and place.

Don’t just run campaigns, run accurate location intelligent ad campaigns

Discover the real-world consumer behavior to understand the market effectively and devise customer-centric marketing strategies. Advertise your product or service to the customers within our geofences. Based on a location, analyze user activity through ad campaigns such as impressions, clicks, and many more.

Why data from LocationsXYZ?

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Global coverage

Leveraging location data to make strategic business decisions

Explore how provided a complete geographical view of 6000+ QSRs in the U.S. to this business intelligence provider for building a strategic location-based marketing plan.

Harness the power of POI data to drive your business forward with accurate consumer behavior analysis

Build accurate geofences around a POI to send targeted advertisements and notifications to the customers

Launch new marketing campaigns or improvise the existing ones based on the performance of your store or outlet

Understand consumer activity in and around your store to determine their engagement, dwell time, visit rate, and many more

Maximize your ROI in ad campaigns by geotargeting the right audience from a specific location that relies on your product or services

Segment your customers base into different categories such as age, gender, etc. to devise accurate geotargeting marketing plans

Augment your business revenue and increase your sales through curated POI datasets that help you in geolocation targeting and geomarketing

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Accurate and customized POI data to accelerate your growth through geolocation targeting

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