AI-enabled financial data extraction tool

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financial data extraction

Extract business-critical financial data from multiple company filings, government websites, balance sheets, income statements, M&A, and more.

How having the right financial data is crucial for your business growth?

extract stock market data

Evaluate the creditworthiness of your clients

Determine a company's or individual's financial strength by extracting and analyzing financial data such as income statements, lending and borrowing history, and the ability to repay.

extract financial market data

Understand your clients’ behavior and needs better

Gain a competitive edge by aligning your services to customer demands through aggregating and analyzing financial data. Investment analysts can evaluate customer’s financial goals and provide better offers.

extract stock market financial data

Faster insights with a single source of truth

Financial data is available in multiple disparate sources like balance sheets, income statements, M&A, more. Having a comprehensive view of all the financial data can help you formulate faster business decisions.

financial data

Compliance to international accounting standards

We understand each country follows its system of regulation and compliance. Make well-informed acquisition decisions with a reliable financial data extraction tool that adheres to international standards like GAAP and FASB.

What makes FinXtract your ideal financial data extraction tool?

Real-time financial data extraction

Extracting and analyzing financial data with an AI-powered data extraction tools in real-time will help you strategize successful investment decisions. With our financial data extraction tool, you can access real-time company financial data from 8K/10K filings and reports.

financial data extraction tool
customized financial data extraction

Customized financial data extraction

Pay for what you want. FinXtract can be tailored to solve your unique business challenges. We can build scalable solutions to extract stock market financial data and modular solutions to extract data from the tables, calculate various costs and more.

customized financial data extraction

Assured data quality

Our ML model has a human-in-the-loop feedback mechanism that evaluates your financial data extraction performance and ensures clean, consistent, and enriched data.

real-time financial data extraction
financial data integration

Seamless integration

We build flexible APIs to integrate a continuous flow of accurate and compliant data into your ERP, CRM, Power BI, Tableau to accelerate your time-to-insights both on-premise and in the cloud.

financial data integration

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