Enrich your workflows with XDAS modules and integrations

Streamline your operations effortlessly with XDAS platform's Infra Manager, Design Wizard, Integrations, and Delegate tools. Simplify infrastructure management, automate tasks, and create workflows with ease.

Toolkit engineered to streamline workflows across industries

Infra manager
Streamline repository and file management

Infra Manager allows you to import the necessary repositories and files required for workflow integration, ensuring seamless execution.

Additionally, it provides clear instructions to bots for precise execution, enabling optimal performance.

infra manager

Design wizard
Intuitive drag-and-drop workflow mapping

Design Wizard empowers users to easily create and customize workflows by intuitively dragging and dropping elements onto the design canvas.

It also offers robust workflow mapping capabilities, allowing you to visualize and map out complex workflows with ease.

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workflow mapping

Simplify integration with existing tools

XDAS can be seamlessly integrated with existing upstream and downstream tools and platforms, regardless of where the file is located.

Additionally, users can tailor XDAS to their specific needs with custom integrations, ensuring compatibility with diverse ecosystems.

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seamless integration

Easy task assignment and human validation

Delegate facilitates efficient task delegation, enabling smooth transitions from automated processes to human validation.

Organizations can enhance collaboration and task management by assigning projects for manual verification post-automation.


Utilize the power of XDAS automation

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.