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data intelligence

Data Intelligence for Sales & Marketing

Uncover different ways in which you can utilize quality data to strategize your campaigns for better brand experience and conversions.


The Art and skill of winning reputation wars

Improve reputation score, manage reviews, and find out different ways in which you can improve your brand reputation.


Dealership Intelligence

Drive profits, reduce the workload, and simplify operations with our dealership intelligence.


Product Data Playbook

Product data needs to complement with good customer experience. This guide will help you give your product data a makeover.


Data-driven strategies for Airlines

Know how aggregating and analyzing real-time data adds value to the aviation sector to streamline operations and better flying experience.


Influencer Engagement

See how you can engage influencers, leverage a wider audience and use trusted voices to improve sales.


5 Reasons why data should not be ignored in recruitment process

Here are 5 hiring processes of the recruitment cycle you can weave data into, right from identifying talent gaps to improving your retention strategy.

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