Transform your investment strategy with financial data

FinX, our advanced financial data solution, offers unparalleled insights tailored for diverse business needs. Let’s harness real-time financial data extraction to optimize investment strategies, reduce risks, and boost efficiency.

Pay only for the data you need

Maximizing insights with public and private company datasets

FinX consists of public and private company financial and company datasets that help you perform market research effectively. Access real-time market updates and macroeconomic indicators to gain a holistic view of the market landscape and drive informed decisions.


Precision analysis with diverse financial indicators

FinX offers various financial indicators, including stock prices, earnings reports, and economic forecasts. Leverage our accurate data and sophisticated analytics tools to identify trends, assess risks, and capitalize on opportunities in dynamic markets


Enhance data utilization with financial data extraction

FinX streamlines the extraction of financial information from different documents and formats. Automate workflows to transform data efficiently, consolidating diverse sources to improve accuracy in financial analysis and reporting processes.


Who can use FinX?

FinX is designed for diverse industries and professionals who rely on accurate and timely financial information from CPA reports, extracting data from financial statements, company financial documents, and more.

Enhancing business management with real-time financial data extraction tools

Investment Research

Investment Research

Empower your investment strategies with detailed market analysis and historical financial data. Using FinX, you can identify trends, forecast performance, and confidently make data-driven investment decisions.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Monitor and manage your investment portfolios with real-time data, custom alerts, and performance metrics. We help you to optimize your holdings and maximize returns with comprehensive insights.

Risk management

Risk management

Evaluate and mitigate financial risks using our expansive data and advanced analytics. Identify potential market volatility and make proactive adjustments based on data extracted from financial statements to safeguard your investments.

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking

Evaluate your company's performance against industry standards using FinX’s extensive data sets. Obtain critical insights into market positioning and pinpoint areas for enhancement to maintain a competitive edge.

Mergers and <br> acquisitions

Mergers and

Facilitate your M&A activities with in-depth financial data reporting and company insights. FinX provides the necessary information to evaluate prospective targets and make well-informed acquisition choices.

Maximizing investment success with FinX

Thanks to FinX, we now have access to a robust financial data platform offering real-time market updates and advanced analytics. We leverage their data to identify undervalued assets, optimize asset allocation, and achieve higher investment returns.

- Financial analyst of a leading asset management company

Advanced financial data solutions for optimal performance

Quality data is the foundation of financial decisions. Our real-time financial reporting and data extraction tools are designed to provide an instant wealth of financial information in 24 hours and detailed meta information.

data management

50% Savings on Data Management

Experience significant cost reductions with our efficient financial data reporting. We help you streamline your data processes and allocate resources more effectively.


100% Compliant and Reliable

Our platform maintains the utmost industry standards, guaranteeing full compliance with all regulatory requirements. Rely on our data for 99% accuracy and integrity.

automated data collection

80% Less Manpower Needed

Automate data collection, extraction, and analysis to drastically reduce the need for manual intervention. Focus your team’s efforts on strategic activities rather than data handling.

comprehensive dataset

4X More Data Than Competitors

With over 50K public and 10K private company records, FinX offers a comprehensive dataset surpassing other financial data vendors.

Ready to elevate your business insights with advanced financial data and streamlined financial data extraction?

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.