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automated data refresh

Xtract.io offers an end-to-end flexible solution to discover, extract, pre-process, manage, and integrate data.

data discovery

Xtract.io identifies and ranks the ideal source to locate the right data from complex and multiple data sources

data eXtraction services

80% of business data is hidden in unstructured format. AI techniques are employed to find the optimal way to eXtract the required data

data preparation tool

Xtract.io processes raw data into usable information by cleansing, classifying, normalizing, and enriching using right tools and technologies

data preparation tool

Flexible and powerful APIs are built to seamlessly integrate consistent flow of high-quality data with your datasets and systems

data import

Accelerate your time-to-insights by importing consumable business-ready data into your systems both on-premise and in the cloud


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A comprehensive suite that caters to all your data needs

Competitive Intelligence

competitive pricing intelligence

Monitor your competitors’ pricing and product data information to have an edge

Sales Intelligence

sales intelligence

Identify prospects and close deals faster with high-quality reliable leads

Travel and Hospitality

data travel

Extract prices and reviews to offer a unique and personalized travel experience

Sentiment analysis

sentiment analysis

Unearth context-rich insights hidden in the pool of social channels

Job data feeds

Job data feeds

Enhance job listings, target prospective job seekers, and analyze market trends with fresh data

News Monitor

news monitor

Curate current and past events to stay informed and analyze industry trends

Alternative data

data aggregation

Aggregate social, company, and sensor data to make informed decisions

Data Science Engineering

data science engineer

Train your ML and NLP models with fresh curated data sets

What makes Xtract.io stand out

data wrangling tools

Data wrangling made easier

Xtract.io transforms data from semi-structured and unstructured sources into structured and consumable format

seamless integration

Seamless integration

Aggregate and integrate a consistent flow of accurate and actionable data directly into your system with our powerful APIs

business solutions expert

Custom solution for every requirement

Our solution experts understand your business needs first and then build customized solutions to handle your data challenges

Are we saying we can accelerate your data transformation journey? X-actly!

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