Agile business data solutions to drive profits and productivity.

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Our intelligent solutions and platforms help businesses source, catalog, enrich and process raw data to achieve powerful insights quickly. We have enabled data-driven transformation for 1000+ businesses across 12+ industries worldwide and continuing.

Customizable data solutions and platforms

To help you grow your business

now into new markets and broaden growth opportunities


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Business Intelligence and Analytics

We capture, manage, and analyze data to deliver actionable insights across different business functions. With end-to-end BI & A solutions, you can improve performance, secure access to critical data, improve operational efficiency, and achieve much more.

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Data Management

At, we bring clean, accurate, and updated data to you through intuitive dashboards and reports. Our AI-powered data management solutions help you safely obtain and manage high-quality data from many sources and maintain data in a single location.

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Marketplace Management

We help you optimize your product listings and product discoverability on multiple marketplaces. Our marketplace management solutions cover SEO, product listing, and brand content optimization and enable you to grow your online presence.

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Points of Interest and Location Data

Our POI data solution, Location XYZ, can aid all your strategic business moves by helping you identify areas for expansion, new entrants in the market, and understand customers’ offline behavior. The database covers 5 million+ locations from over 3K+ companies across 100 industries.


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Freda: Data Refresh

With Freda, our data validation platform, you can access high-quality, refreshed data within seconds. By simply selecting the data attributes and business vertical, you can access the relevant data that can help you deliver better to customers and optimize ROI.

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Mojo: Intelligent Document Processing

Mojo helps companies automate and optimize manual tasks like data segregation and text analysis to increase productivity. The AI and ML-powered platform classifies, labels, and extracts the required data and validates the extracted data to deliver accurate information.

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Mobito: Enterprise Crawling

Our scalable web crawlers capture large volumes of data from structured and unstructured sources and use the extracted data to customize the bots using ML training models. We harvest real-time data and automate comprehensive data workflows to power your business.

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Uptime: Real-time Media Monitoring

Uptime ensures that you never miss a mention. Our media monitoring platform allows you to monitor customer, competitor, and industry mentions in real-time for improved customer engagement, a wider audience reach, and better sales opportunities.


We cater to

Ecommerce and Retail

Real Estate


Information Providers


Travel and Hospitality



Enabling data

Transformation for a smarter business

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Intelligent Process Automation

Our solutions and platforms use a combination of robotic process automation and AI to accelerate digital transformation. We combine task execution with ML and cognitive technologies like computer vision and NLP to broaden business process automation scope.

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Seamless Integration

We build powerful APIs that enable direct data transfer into client systems both on-premise and in the Cloud. Our API integrated platforms expedite information flow and reduce operational costs to boost improved productivity and quality of operations within any organization.

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Custom Solutions

We understand that every business faces unique challenges, and therefore, we offer customized solutions that cater to specific business needs. Our agile and flexible data solutions accelerate deployment speed and user adoption to reduce training time and cost.

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Powerful Reporting

Our solutions and platforms feature customized reports and dashboards to enable a detailed view of information. We empower analysts and decision-makers to gain visibility into their business and allow data-backed, quick decision-making for organizations.








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