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XDAS combines the expertise and pre-built workflows into a comprehensive platform that can be leveraged across industries. It caters to your unique business challenges and drive innovation.

Customizable data solutions and platforms

To help you grow your business

now into new markets and broaden growth opportunities


Multi channel product onboarding

Data Management

At, we bring accurate and updated data through intuitive dashboards. Our AI-powered data management solutions help you safely obtain and manage trusted data from multiple sources in a centralized location. Learn more

product content optimization

Points of Interest and Location Data

Our POI data solution, Location XYZ, will help you identify and understand areas for expansion, new market entrants, and customer behavior. The database covers 5 million+ locations across 100 industries.  Learn more

product content enrichment

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We capture, manage, and analyze data to deliver actionable insights across different business functions. With end-to-end BI & A solutions, you can improve performance, secure access to critical data, reduce time-to-market, and improve operational efficiency.  Learn more

product content analytics

Ecommerce & Retail provides brands, retailers, online stores, and marketplaces with accurate data from a multi-channel landscape. Our ecommerce solutions help manage product catalogs & pricing, boost market sustainability, strengthen product visibility, and more to improve brand value.  Learn more

product content enrichment

Financial Data Extraction

We help you extract crucial financial information from disparate sources in real-time. Our financial data extraction solution delivers an enriched view of financials. So you can get assured quality data to make impactful decisions.  Learn more

product content analytics

Lease Abstraction

We manage, cross-verify, and validate lease abstracts with a quality-focused approach. Our custom solutions can elevate your abstraction performance using automation and achieve operational excellence.  Learn more  |  Try now

Built with XDAS



Using DigiSense360, our e-commerce intelligence platform, brands can accelerate online sales by effortlessly assessing and managing product listings. We help you manage digital shelf performance like product search, pricing, stock availability, and reviews. Learn more


FreDa, our data enrichment platform, delivers high-quality data without coding knowledge and enables you to make trusted business decisions. You can now select the desired data attributes, business workflows, and sources to extract, enrich, and validate data instantly. Learn more


Uptime ensures that you never miss a mention. Our media monitoring platform allows you to monitor customer, competitor, and industry mentions in real time for improved customer engagement, a wider audience reach, and better sales opportunities. Learn more


We cater to

Ecommerce and Retail

Real Estate


Information Providers


Travel and Hospitality



Enabling data

Transformation for a smarter business

product content enrichment

Intelligent Process Automation

Our solutions and platforms use a combination of robotic process automation and AI to accelerate digital transformation. We combine task execution with ML and cognitive technologies like computer vision and NLP to broaden business process automation scope.

product content enrichment

Seamless Integration

We build powerful APIs that enable direct data transfer into client systems both on-premise and in the Cloud. Our API integrated platforms expedite information flow and reduce operational costs to boost improved productivity and quality of operations within any organization.

product content enrichment

Custom Solutions

We understand that every business faces unique challenges, and therefore, we offer customized solutions that cater to specific business needs. Our agile and flexible data solutions accelerate deployment speed and user adoption to reduce training time and cost.

product content enrichment

Powerful Reporting

Our solutions and platforms feature customized reports and dashboards to enable a detailed view of information. We empower analysts and decision-makers to gain visibility into their business and allow data-backed, quick decision-making for organizations.








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