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The business need

Our client, a prominent financial institution specializing in banking and financial services, faced the challenge of ensuring timely repayment of student loans post-graduation. They encountered difficulties in monitoring educational institutions that potentially misled students with false offerings and benefits, thereby jeopardizing loan repayments. The client was looking for a solution to track approximately 5000 institutions regularly and gather intelligence from public reviews to mitigate risks associated with misleading information.


The client encountered many obstacles while trying to address the issue, such as

  • Monitoring a vast number of educational institutions regularly.

  • Identifying and contextualizing misleading information disseminated by these institutions.

  • Gathering intelligence from public reviews on various platforms.

  • Establishing a systematic approach for ongoing monitoring and detection of misleading information.

How we solved the problem

We've tackled our client's challenges head-on by implementing our cutting-edge XDAS solution.

Discover and refresh workflow

Our team developed a robust workflow designed to continuously monitor educational institutions and prominent business review websites for potentially misleading information.

Contextualization of misleading data

To provide deeper insight, we contextualized the identified misleading data and compiled it into a comprehensive reference knowledge base integrated within the workflow.

Scanning and identification mechanism

The workflow was equipped with advanced scanning capabilities to pinpoint links and sentences containing misleading information that may mislead the audience.

Regular monitoring

Scheduled to execute on a weekly basis, the workflow systematically checks for any new instances of misleading information posted on monitored websites.


Our solution has delivered remarkable results for our clients.

Improved risk mitigation

  • The implemented solution enabled the client to proactively identify and mitigate risks associated with misleading information disseminated by educational institutions, thereby safeguarding the repayment of student loans.

Enhanced efficiency

  • By automating the monitoring process and providing actionable insights, the client experienced increased operational efficiency in managing loan repayment risks.

Greater confidence

  • With a comprehensive system in place, the client gained confidence in their ability to ensure the successful repayment of student loans by monitoring and addressing potential threats promptly.

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.