Intuitive media monitoring solution for strategic decision making.

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Screen out the commotion

Discover the difference with our round-the-clock monitoring of your brand mentions, whether its social, electronic, online, or print. Our AI-powered news monitoring solution goes beyond keeping you informed, by helping you draw actionable business insights out of the information.

How does Uptime help your business?

Marketing and PR

Are you still manually scouring news sites, looking for any news related to your competitors, acquisition alerts, big funding scoop, or brand mentions?

With Uptime, you now have a one-stop news monitoring solution to keep track of competitive intelligence and more importantly:

day to day tracking of industry trends and competitors

relevant and customizable filters

multiple filters such as negative keywords, geography, industry, etc.,

custom alerts, news portals, relevant hashtags

track industry trends
news monitoring solutions

Financial Risk and Investor Intelligence

Without the right enterprise informational monitoring solutions, threats like uncertain economic outlook, continuing regulatory changes, and new competition have plague companies and paralyze your financial decisions.

With our social media listening solution, you can now:

make confident recommendations when you’re offering to advise a client

get a daily digest of topics, curated to your specific interests on companies

set alerts that could be set as you see them fit - Immediate, daily or weekly

know big acquisitions or deals and trends based on the analytics

Research and Development

Keeping up with the expectations and staying in tune with vital information demands a powerful enterprise information monitoring solution. Problems of specifics, and the ticking timeline pressure to get the products to market as soon as possible, make R&D a challenging terrain to thrive in.

Uptime, our media monitoring solution, helps you:

Follow the latest scientific trends in the journals

Keep abreast of the topics being published, authors, and trending topics

Quickly locate existing precedents in research and discovery, through our robust keyword searching and category filtering.

news monitoring platform

Key Features

news feeds curation

Curated news feed

Keep up with the topics and trends that matter to you, without letting in all the noise.

automated information monitoring

Automated workflow

Uptime includes a built-in workflow automation feature that ensures that you benefit from the optimization.

geography news monitoring

Geography and time-based feed

Get real-time notifications of events and mentions that concern you, while also learning how you and your company can best adapt to the conditions.

social listening

Alerts and notifications

Customize your alerts without any hassle. Our immediate communication and notifications can drive your business to new levels of efficiency.

information monitoring security


Uptime works on the best industry practices when it comes to user access security, keeping unauthorized users away from using your confidential information.

news source repository

News source repository

Say goodbye to information clutter with Uptime - a one-stop social media listening tool to keep all your sources stored, tracked, and organized.

enterprise information monitoring

Dashboard and analytics

Uptime’s operational dashboard presents clear and current information to the users, with its analytical features that quickly double up as a platform for analysis and decision making.

real-time media monitoring

Multi-lingual support

Stay aware and in control of incidents that happen in and around your marketplace by receiving Uptime’s real-time alert that comes with multilingual support.

Real-time aggregation of corporate news through our innovative ML solution

Uptime helped a global provider of information solutions capture corporate news of all companies in their database through an innovative automation process that aggregated real time updates.

A media monitoring solution to keep you ahead of the competition

Monitor business insights

Make strategic forecasts

Enable active social media listening

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