Risk and compliance solutions

Elevate to unified operations and enhance compliance. By automating risk and compliance management, XDAS can help you address diverse challenges like investment risk, communications surveillance, and
anti-money laundering.

Modernize risk and compliance management for enhanced integrity

Centralized<br> compliance monitoring

compliance monitoring

Consolidate compliance requirements from multiple frameworks for unified real-time monitoring with instant alerts.

Automated <br>internal controls

internal controls

Implement robust internal controls through automation that continually analyzes legal data to identify potential risks.

Streamlined <br>enterprise audits

enterprise audits

Simplify the audit lifecycle, from scheduling and data collection to analysis and reporting based on evolving compliance requirements.

Achieve hassle-free operational compliance with an
automation platform

Identify risks and prioritize actions

Utilize our robust risk identification framework to identify and assess potential risks across all areas of your business, including strategic, operational, financial, compliance, and reputational risks.

With XDAS, you can assess internal vulnerabilities and external factors that may impact your bottom line and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

risk identification

Proactive risk mitigation

Deploy automated risk assessment workflows to analyze vast datasets and identify potential risks before they escalate.

Leverage XDAS advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously monitor data, detecting patterns and anomalies indicative of emerging risks across business operations.

risk mitigation

Simplify compliance reporting

Ensure accurate compliance reporting with automated audit trail generation, capturing and recording all activities and transactions in a centralized system.

Manage unstructured and structured records with XDAS. Generate detailed compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements across your organization.

compliance reporting

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Safeguard your business value through risk and
compliance automation

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.