Automatically enrich massive amounts of data

30+ ready-to-use workflows

Workflow rules and schema

Make an impact in your business with enriched data

Enrich, standardize, and validate more than thousands of datasets, eliminate data silos and achieve seamless collaboration instantly with zero coding.

Ensure trusted data and deliver amazing business results

Contact Validation

CRM data refresh

Automate CRM data refresh and validation with FreDa’s powerful pre-configured attributes and smart scheduling options. Streamline complex customer requirements, maximize operational efficiency, and boost revenue with refreshed CRM. Learn more

Contact Validation

Lead Generation

Identify potential customers quickly and validate the qualified leads using FreDa's advanced workflows. Uplift your sales and marketing efforts with a steady stream of leads marked with essential and custom attributes.

Lead Generation
Address validation

Address validation

Identify incorrect addresses or postal codes, enrich them with updated information and standardize to meet formatting rules automatically with FreDa. Save money spent dealing with the wrong customer and ensure on-time deliveries.

Address validation

Contact validation

Verify phone numbers, emails, and other information about your customer and append it with the updated data in just a few clicks with FreDa's powerful workflows. Know everything there is to know about your customer and provide a hyper-personalized experience.

Contact Validation
Contact Validation

Address geocoding

Convert any address into geocodes and vice versa easily using precise spatial and territorial codes with our robust data enrichment platform. Recognize geographical patterns, optimize logistics, and discover new business opportunities.


Data Extraction

Extract the information you want about your competitor, market, and customer using FreDa's simple point-and-click interface. Derive powerful insights from extracted data, deliver innovative business solutions and gain a competitive edge.

Data Extraction
competitive location intelligence
Data Enrichment

Case studies

Devised a segmented approach, enriched 10 million records at the attribute level in less than 48 hours, and reduced expenses by 40% with FreDa. Know more

Enriched and validated approximately 27,000 public companies' data and helped a leading business data provider to reduce the cost by 25%. Know more

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