Get high‑quality lease abstracts in seconds

Extract granular data from leases with LeaseCatalyst

LeaseCatalyst allows you to take advantage of business opportunities faster while seamlessly maintaining lease compliance. Together with professional assistance, we help you evaluate leases in different languages or jurisdictions. With Generative AI now integrated, you can accurately track over 1000 data points and gain granular insights from lease abstracts.

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AI-powered lease abstraction services for real estate

Automate extraction of applicable data elements from lease documents using technologies such as NLP, OCR, and ML and get the abstracted information in a structured format

Track critical dates and set reminders for lease expiration and renewal periods, and don’t miss out on opportunities like a rent increase

Eliminate manual errors and save valuable time with our three-layer QC check to determine the accuracy and the quality of the abstracted data

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Lease database management, validation, and reporting

Manage complex real estate portfolios through lease database conservation, high-quality abstract generation, and data editing with certified lease administrators’ assistance

Obtain detailed summary on bill payments, property charge settlements, tenant rent receivables, generate monthly/weekly lease reports and set tenant rent based on CPI adjustment analysis

Scale your team up by deploying skilled professionals for your business and projects with zero liability and increase operational efficiency

online brand monitoring tools
Competitive benchmarking

CAM Reconciliation and Audit

Deduct additional expenses, compute the tax payable on property and control tenant share of expenses through efficient CAM audits to uncover any unethical practices

Identify reconciliation discrepancies by analyzing historical data records and commercial lease agreements to eliminate financial losses or backlogs

Perform rent roll analysis to estimate property owners’ income and update tenant rent, deduct additional expenses to eliminate CAM overcharges, and validate payment statements

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Report and analysis

Annual/quarterly budget preparation, report, audit, and real estate operating cost analysis

Intelligent automation

Ad-hoc Requests

Special project support for creating shell records in client applications, uploading and renaming the documents

Seamless integration

24*7 Support

Extensive assistance and support in managing tenant/landlord/broker communication

Technology-led lease abstraction services that empower you to make smarter decisions

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.