Leverage POI data to enhance the site selection process

Open, close, or relocate your businesses with the right location data to analyze the market accurately and derive better results.

Finding the right location: Know the "where" before "why"

If you are a retail store owner looking for a new retail store opening, or a commercial real estate business owner exploring the most optimal location for office spaces, or a bank branch owner identifying the most people-centric spot for ATM booth placement, location data helps you in all.

POI Data for all industries

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Government Sectors

Expanding to new market segments with location intelligence

Discover how Xtract.io helped this CPG company penetrate into new markets segments with location intelligence.

Simplified site selection process to identify the most optimal and profitable location for your business growth.

Predict the performance of existing stores, outlets or any other location to gain better insights into the market and consumers

Identify the target audience from the specific location based on various factors - gender, age group, occupation, and many more

Gauge the location’s weather conditions, income-expense ratio, and other valuable insights that can impact your business

Evaluate the foot traffic, mobility rate, and dwell time in a specified location to analyze the performance of the store

Connect the gaps in the local market to deliver better customer service and experience, as compared to your competitors

Select the most optimal site that gives your business a better return on investment, brand awareness and loyal customers

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Make your location selection process precise, easier, and faster

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