Achieve high data accuracy and reduce time to market with our data annotation platform

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Accelerate your data abstraction, annotation, and enrichment process with Mojo.

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Build scalable ML models with
AI-powered data annotation platform

Mojo is an AI-powered data annotation and labeling platform that provides AI and ML models with accurate, clean, and well-labeled data. Human-in-the-loop data labeling and feedback mechanisms enhance the quality of your data fed into their machine learning models.

Combine machine learning with human intelligence to get rich, verified, and high-quality data.

One dashboard to configure all jobs

Allocate, track, modify and update all your jobs and campaigns from one place. Create segments and set rules on how the data is to be structured.

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Stay updated and engaged

Stay informed with real-time notifications sent right to your dashboard throughout all stages like task status, progress, change request, approval, and completion.

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Improved quality and auditability

Mojo ensures you have high-quality and auditable data with our skilled labor to normalize and standardize large-scale data values.

increase productivity
Enhanced productivity

Track individual performance with agent-wise reports. Employ your creative workforce elsewhere while Mojo does all the heavy lifting.

automated workflow management
Automated workflow management

Automate workflows with the rule-based system in Mojo. Create new workflows, modify existing workflows, and set priorities.

customer data enrichment
Scalable platform

Manage complex and voluminous back-office tasks, predict error trends and identify missing attributes on a granular level.

How does Mojo work?


Document Upload

Unstructured document is uploaded with relevant rules

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document annotation


Document Annotation

Data is annotated at the attribute level with the annotation bot

document annotation
document enrichment


Document Enrichment

Human-in-the-loop data cleansing and enrichment services

document enrichment
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Quality Check

Data is checked for incomplete and missing values

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Data Delivery

Data is delivered in any format both in the cloud and on-premises

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Automated multi-lingual lease abstraction

Mojo extracted lease details from multiple international languages and integrated crucial data points into the client’s system.

Enhanced business directory information

Mojo enriched and verified the quality of 350K+ company and contact data for B2B commercial data intelligence provider.

Know more about how Mojo accelerates your data quality process.

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