Real-time data monitoring and refresh

Stay ahead of the curve with an automated data refresh solution that ensures up-to-date, accurate, and validated databases.

Outdated data impacts critical business decisions.RefreshData360 can discover, track, and update publicly or legally accessible data sources to ensure that your data is high-in-quality, accurate, and enriched.

Data refresh solutions for different business needs

Entity data refresh

Entity data refresh

Databases with records pertaining to company information are monitored for changes with pre-built web change monitoring (WCM) bots, that extract updated data from government directories, company websites, and other relevant data sources.

CRM data refresh

CRM data refresh

Customer and prospect data with data points like names, addresses, designations, company names, contact numbers, email ids, etc. are prone to periodic updates and changes. A database refresh helps you reach the right target audience at the right time.

online database providers

Online info providers

Websites that curate and publish data about local businesses, industry information and other UGC can be benefitted by the real-time data refresh solution that monitors the sources for changes and updates databases automatically.

schedule data refresh

Why do you need a data refresh?

Ensure data freshness and accuracy

Track key data changes with WCM bots

Gain reliable insights from high-quality data

Improve the accuracy of analytics

Ensure better conversions with an updated CRM

Formulate data-backed business decisions

Keep database current and relevant all through the year

Streamline and make data feasible for migration

Replenish your databases with RefreshData360

We deploy our proprietary tools and platforms to refresh and enrich the databases to help you maximize your data yield.

db refresh

Evaluate the existing database

We analyze and refresh the database with data identified and extracted from online sources through custom-built bots.

automated data quality checks

Validate through data quality checks

The database is checked for errors and obsolete information through the human-in-the-loop data validation and deduplication process.

real time data refresh

Track changes and refresh data real-time

The changes in data can be monitored and refreshed in real-time on any online source like websites and government repositories through an automated workflow.

Clean data

Integrate data into your systems

Clean data is then delivered in any preferred format like XLS, JSON, or integrated to your systems and databases through custom-built APIs.

How’s it done?

RefreshData360 deploys its best of breed proprietary tools and platforms to automate the process of data refresh. These robust solutions ensure accuracy and a quick turnaround for all your data refresh projects.

automated data refresh

How this info publisher reduced overall spend by $300k per year?

RefreshData360 helped this customer deliver trust-worthy data and insights through real-time data refresh.

update CRM data

CRM data refresh for successful sales and marketing campaigns

Your CRM is the home to millions of customers and prospect data. The error-prone and obsolete data in the CRM leads to failure in campaign efforts. CRM data quality and verification can help you:

Target right audience

Connect with confidence

Personalize your messages

Improve your opens/clicks

Keep data up-to-date

Automate data validation

The data in your existing databases becoming stale and obsolete? Start your data refresh project now.

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