ecommerce analytics platform

Redefining digital shelf analytics
with ML automation and actionable insights.

Monitor. Measure. Manage.

Check and boost up your product visibility

Stay informed of multi channel performance

Enable real-time conversion optimization

Get AI-based insights and real-time alerts

Manage customer reviews and ratings easily

Ensure positive reviews and brand reputation

Drive your sales, profit, and growth with DigiSense 360

enterprise data

Channel compliance

Our eCommerce analytics platform performs quality checks on product information such as data attributes, images, titles and description to confirm compliance and standardization with multiple channels to deliver customized product experience.

product content management

Multi-channel onboarding

Our DigiSense360 platform is capable of migrating huge volumes of data across any channels and synchronizing them according to unique channel-specific guidelines fitting varying style guides making multi-channel ventures a reality.

content shelf

Product assortment

Our digital shelf analytics tool gives you applicative insights into how to avoid potential product assortment gaps to save a considerable amount of time and manual effort. Addressing product assortment gaps will help you boost your sales efficiently.

digital shelf analytics

Content optimization

Our digital shelf analytics tool for eCommerce optimizes product content with rich keywords infused titles, features, and catalog content to boost search performance, visibility, and click-throughs across various channels.

online reputation

Competitor tracking

Our eCommerce analytics keeps you in the know by aggregating product data at the brand level to benchmark your brand performance against competitors, alerting you when a product is sold higher than the minimum advertised price (MAP), and identifying unauthorized sellers.


Dashboards and insights

Our eCommerce analytics software curates and manipulates data from sales channels, social media platforms, internal and external sources. Our user-friendly dashboard, analytic reports, and data visualizations, give you actionable items for your business needs.

online reputation

Brand reputation management

Our platform monitors comments and reviews be it positive or negative across all marketplaces, selling points, and social media. It highlights ratings, reviews, and feedback to spot chances for you to take action towards brand reputation and improve customer engagement.


Key Performance Indicators

Our eCommerce analytics platform keeps a track of your sales and conversions on a daily basis with customized Key Performance Indicators. It spots the content that directly impacts your conversion and empowers your portfolio with real-time conversion optimization and excellent product content.

contact database

Help your visitors navigate through the right pages with proper information architecture, taxonomy creation, and product content management


Grow your business by driving better product experiences through automated product onboarding, digital shelf analytics, enhanced product visibility, and increased conversions


Enrich product catalogs with accurate product descriptions, digital assets, essential guides & datasheets to improve the product experience


Stay aware of your brand mentions across social media channels, review websites, listing forums, and other places and take complete control of your reputation

Why can you count on DigiSense 360?

data aggregation solution

Data scraping done right

Our management platform handles scrape issues using custom-built tools, automated web crawlers, and data consumed from different sources.

large-scale data

Powerful ML automation

Our tried and tested machine learning automation with cutting-edge AI, supports your data-driven decisions, and delivers accurate predictions based on past data.

ecommerce retail analytics

Get 360-degree view

Our analytics with a closed-loop mechanism gives you a 360-degree view of channel compliance, product content enrichment, & competitive intelligence.

ecommerce retail analytics

Custom-built platform

Our product content analytics platform is customizable to cater your business needs to ensure maximum value and scalable to fit your growing business.

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