Build trustworthy datasets with AI-powered data quality platform.

An advanced and customizable data quality platform that requires zero coding knowledge and has everything you need to address complex data quality challenges with 95% accuracy.

Powerful data quality platform for all industries

Tap into high-quality data and exceed your goals

Obsolete data costs organizations an average of $12.9 million per year. What if your business is headed in the same direction?

We've got you covered. Our robust data quality platform eliminates silos, extracts data from multiple sources, ensures the highest quality, and enables you to make trusted business decisions.

Why is Freda the best data quality platform?

30+ ready-to-use workflows

250+ pre-configured attributes

Hassle-free integration to your CRM

Seamless API

Pre-defined rules and schema

24/7 and 365 days of dedicated support

Customizable as per the business requirements


How does Freda work?

One-stop platform for all your data quality challenges

Extract precise data

Extracts high-quality data

Extract any data effortlessly from trusted sources in no time by selecting the attributes. Leverage our robust platform to access up-to-date data, devise smart business strategies, and target the right audience.

Detect data anomalies instantly

Eliminates data anomalies

Detect outliers, evaluate, summarise the database and gain instant insight into the quality of your data. Discover patterns, mitigate risks, and boost business productivity while maintaining high data quality.

Achieve high data integrity

Ensures high data integrity

Address your data quality issues and make confident business decisions by capturing, standardizing, validating, and enriching your database. Deliver data that is consistent, complete, accurate, and fit for your scaling business objectives.

Integrate precise data seamlessly

Integrates complex data

Connect data from disparate sources and deploy it in the desired format to leading visualization platforms like Tableau, Looker, and GoodData. Access real-time updated data seamlessly across organizations with a simple point-and-click interface.

Choose Freda

and achieve your business goals faster with trusted data

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