Media monitoring for Sales & Marketing

Uptime is a one-stop media monitoring solution to keep track of various industries and competitor movements. Track specific companies, keywords, hashtags and brand mentions to stay updated on the most relevant news.

Execute your ABM Strategy Seamlessly

Account-Based Marketing strategy helps you to build lasting relationships for new opportunities. Uptime enables you to identify target companies by bringing cues about them to align the growth strategy between sales and marketing teams.

ABM Process
Personalized Experience

Create Personalized

Targeted and personalized outreach is a part of a successful marketing campaign strategy. Research on your prospects and their activities to create successful marketing campaigns with specific business objectives.

Get Real-time Alerts on Key Events and Companies

Create customized alerts and receive updates on key accounts, uncovering the latest news, trends, and tracking your brand reputation across the web and social media. Stay on top of crucial information that is important to you with our social media monitoring tool.

Real-time Alerts
Custom Newsletter

Create Custom Newsletter that Stands out

Leverage the information from Uptime to find smart ideas for your newsletters. Build custom newsletters to educate your prospects, customers, and subscribers to keep them posted with interesting content establishing your thought leadership.

Grow your Business with Active Social Listening

Keep an eye on your brand, product, or competitors without having to snoop across platforms to find out the brand sentiment. Uptime can help you with active social media listening to monitor, track, and analyze the voice of customers.

Social Listening
B2B Lead Generation

Formulate Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Uptime could be a great tool for lead generation to elusive market research of tracking, identifying, and engaging with the ideal customers. Enable your team to create better sales and marketing playbook from the cues that go unnoticed around you.

Identify Sales & Marketing Trigger Events

Battle cards provide a quick overview to spot out a clear value proposition to convince your clients to influence purchase decisions. Fuel your competitive battle cards with compiled up-to-date information on your competitor’s pricing, movements and announcements.

Identify Sales & Marketing

Trigger signals tailored for you

Are you ready to accelerate your revenue?

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.