Real-time aggregation of corporate news through our innovative ML based news monitoring solution


The customer, a global provider of information solutions, was looking for a fully automated news monitoring solution that could capture corporate news of the companies in their databases and their CRM.

Being a digital pioneer, the customer was the first to bring legal and business information online. With more than a trillion connections across all content types, the customer processes more than 40 million documents and 77 million public records.

However, the organization was limited with its ability to quickly procure a real-time database of all corporate news of its client companies.

They had adopted a tiring manual process where they deployed staff to get into primary news channels and pull out articles from within the channels, and even experimented with other news monitoring tools. Given the colossal amount of news articles and the endless trail of information being churned out every other moment about each of the million client companies, keeping track of every single news article became increasingly tough.

The business need

With hundreds of thousands of corporate news happening around the world, the customer was looking for efficient ways to capture all the recent corporate happenings of their client companies in their database.

This included executive movements, joint ventures, changes in partnerships, PR activities, product launches, community events, mergers and acquisitions, and other corporate activities of all the 1.4 million companies on the customer’s database.

What the customer needed was an entirely innovative media monitoring solution that replaced their manual efforts and provided insights to investment bankers, CFOs, and other executives to make informed business decisions

The challenge

Feasibility of tracking every single corporate event on a real-time basis was the main challenge.

The sheer volume of corporate news hosted by the customer’s client companies made it practically impossible for their team to keep track manually. The customer tried it previously, both manually and with other solutions, but fell short in attaining the desired coverage.

They needed an automated process that could enable them to fix the challenge of aggregating the news and the real-time updates about their client companies, so that they could save time and focus on the big picture.

The solution

Uptime, a news monitoring solution from, provided a completely automated workflow to aggregate all corporate news of their client companies.

Our intelligent media monitoring solution, helped the customer capture it with its powerful and easy-to-use features such as source analysis, news aggregation, identifying valid articles, and manual curation.

We curated a four stage process, customised for the organisation’s unique needs.

We began by identifying 80,000 news sources, press releases, company websites and RSS feeds

Once we’d identified the feeds, we built keywords for various corporate events and began extracting and storing news articles on a daily basis.

The next stage was feeding this data into our customised ML solution, that intelligently eliminated duplicate feeds, processed text content and segregated articles with tags.

Upon the EMAC engine’s processing, the articles were then sent to the user for manual approval, thereby increasing the accuracy to more than 95% and making it ready for export.

Uptime provided a scalable and robust news monitoring solution that enabled the customer’s business process in the following ways :

Source Analysis

  • Monitor the digital footprint of their client companies more comprehensively

  • Beat the odds by crawling data from 10,000 sources and RSS feeds

  • Store easily consumable reports for any future reference

Intuitive Dashboard

  • An interactive dashboard to keep track of all news

  • Drill down on a particular data point in real time

Data based insights

  • Get real time notifications with minimal manual intervention

  • Pursue further analysis with the data we presented them with, leveraging our strong data validation capabilities.

Our media monitoring tool carries a large number of deal documentations that our customer was able to access:

Takeover announcements

IPO announcements

Secondary offer announcements

Capital reorganisation announcements

Return of value (RoVs) announcements

LR/AIM Rules transactions announcements and circulars

Reverse takeover announcements

Delisting announcements and circulars

Demerger announcements

Joint venture announcements

and search across a variety of deal points.

Our news monitoring solution and it’s innovative orchestration enabled the customer to invent a methodology that connected all the dots.


Uptime enabled the customer to capture all the information regarding corporate news of the companies in their vast database. In other words, Uptime helped our customer measure the immeasurable.

100k Articles aggregated per day

30k+ online sources explored

15k+ taxonomies

5k+ Articles identified with company events per day

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.