Develop safe, sustainable, and smart cities through location intelligence

Leverage geospatial data solutions for improved urban planning and infrastructure management

Accurate and latest POI data for cost-effective urban mapping and infrastructure decisions

Spatial analysis plays a vital role in building smart cities and providing a superior customer experience. Through LocationXYZ POI data, plan, build and maintain your locality efficiently and public-friendly.

Types of POI datasets for better city planning and indoor mapping

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Public utility
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Real estate
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Social, travel, and leisure
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Education and charitable trusts

Discover urban city planning uses cases

data aggregation

Public healthcare

Locate the number of hospitals, clinics, and medical centers to take critical decisions on resource allocation and transport routes. Through our healthcare & public utility datasets, track the root cause of diseases, accidents, and other incidents.

financial data aggregation

Smart cities

Use real estate POI datasets to develop smarter buildings that improve the quality of lifestyle in cities and towns. Refine network planning models and infrastructure investments with accurate city planning and agile decision-making.

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Road and traffic management

Improve road safety by managing traffic and optimizing public transport facilities. An accurate POI database allows you to spatially analyze and reduce traffic congestion by obtaining accurate road information.

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Infrastructure management

Gain better insights on energy plants, public hotspots, EV charging stations, and transport systems to track the city’s performance. Identify regions that require better infrastructure systems to devise detailed expansion models.

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Mobility planning

Analyze where people are going, and how long it takes to reach there to identify their needs and fulfill them. Identify the popular POIs to improve mobility patterns, and transport routes and provide better consumer experiences.

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Safety and performance

Monitor environmental incidents such as pandemic outbreaks, accidents, disasters, etc. in a specific location to mitigate in the future. Improve public safety by identifying higher-risk locations and taking preventive measures.

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Create safer, cost-effective, and smarter cities by spatially analyzing geographical locations

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