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ecommerce digital self analytics

Ecommerce digital shelf analytics

Boost your multichannel sales and content compliance with our ecommerce digital shelf analytics platform. Brands and retailers monitor competitors' prices, measure product & keyword performance, and manage content with bulk product onboarding.

Enrich product experience

Optimize product search performance

Manage digital reputation

news and media monitoring

News and media monitoring

Get unrivaled information across the web, news portals, and social media from over 80K+ sources. Monitor topics, track companies and trends across various industries with our AI-powered real-time media monitoring and social listening platform.

Market research automation

News datasets for analytics and AI implementation

Competitive intelligence

workflow and process automation

Workflow and process automation

Amplify your productivity by automating repetitive tasks with our workflow process automation. Our hybrid platform processes unstructured data of any volume and validates for direct integration with down-stream applications.

Robotic process automation

Scalable unstructured data extraction

Secure data access

Brand monitoring and reputation management

Brand monitoring and reputation management

Let your brand dazzle with our enterprise-grade online reputation management solution. Our intuitive dashboards track all positive and negative mentions across all social channels and online forums.

Enhance customer experience

Personalize messages

Identify influencers

Point of interest and geo-location data

Point of interest and geo-location data

Navigate your business with our global coverage of 3 million POI data from 3K+ companies across 100+ industries. Our precise location data helps you understand customer behaviour and make data-driven acquisition decisions.

Targeted advertising

Forecast demands

Identify new entrants

Amazon marketplace SEO software

Amazon marketplace SEO software

Step up your Amazon retail storefront with ecommerce marketplace SEO. Our intuitive dashboards allow you to increase product visibility, optimize your ad spend, and improve conversions all from a single place.

Optimize products for keywords

Own the buy-box

Increase advertising ROI

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data processing

Data processing

We combine data from myriad sources, remove duplicates, and enrich them, making it easily consumable.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation

Our solutions use AI/ML technologies like NLP, image recognition, and predictive analytics to deliver accurate information.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

We build powerful APIs to push a steady stream of fresh data directly into your systems both on-premises and in the cloud.

Powerful reporting

Powerful reporting

Our powerful reports and dashboards allow your analysts and decision-makers to make quick data-driven decisions at a glance.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

We give precise location data for you to get granular insights into your customers, market, competitors, and product.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

We understand your unique challenge and build tailored solutions, providing you the agility and flexibility your business needs.

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