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We have curated location data of charging stations that help you to scale your electric vehicle business. Our accurate points-of-interest data provides market-leading insights to stay ahead of the competition.


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Strengthen your spatial analysis by positioning electric vehicle charging stations in the right place

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Mobility Patterns

Identify population density and proximity to focal places to gain higher footfall at the charging stations. Our geofencing capabilities allow you to locate highly populated EV stations, such as near parks, shopping malls, etc., that can enable you to optimize them efficiently.

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Site Selection

Locate suitable plots or lands with strong energy grid infrastructure to gain good returns from the EV charging stations. We offer global POI data of EV charging stations that can indicate the most suitable land type, weather conditions, and usage metrics to set up a new EV charging point.

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Load Management

Predict the demand of EV points to accommodate users based on site capacity, without overloading the electric vehicle chargers or the grid. Our location-intelligent solutions help you analyze the city’s power infrastructure and find the right location that matches your EV power needs.

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Location Analytics

Gain insights into the number of bay points, driveway, types of charging at each bay point, number of users of a particular station, and more for accurate planning. Through our precise POI data, consider traffic patterns, routes, adjacent POIs, and charge type recommendations that can generate greater demand.

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Competitive Insights

Identify competitor pricing, capacity, throughput, wattage, entry/exit points to the station, and footfall to gain advanced insights. We help you eliminate guesswork-driven pricing math, and take data-driven decisions based on insights from competitors and market space.

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Smart Charging

Maximize the performance of the charging stations based on your target audience - apartments, workplaces, public sites, or industrial locations. We help educate the market on different facets of the EV business, such as charging capacity, potential rest stops for vehicle destinations, and more.

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Want to provide smart EV solutions to your business? We help you to

Expand your charging station locations to multiple regions to stay ahead of the competition curve.

Gain insights on competitor charging stations and their features, to amplify your electric vehicle business.

Analyze the placement of charging stations near public centers such as malls, cafes, hospitals, and more.

Xtract.io consists of location data of 100K+ electric vehicle charging stations. Along with accurate address information, we also provide the station’s connector type, network, facility type, pricing fee and many more that can help you to take location-driven business decisions.

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.