Enrich your electric utility business with location data insights

Drive efficiency, optimize operations, and transform the EV charging landscape using real-time POI data.

Power up your business with enriched EV charging station data

Leverage the potential of data-driven decision-making to fuel your success in the rapidly evolving electric mobility landscape. Strategically expand charging infrastructure and seize growth opportunities.

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For Battery Manufacturers & Dealers

Identify charging station locations and usage patterns to optimize battery technology and performance for specific charging infrastructure requirements. Collaborate with charging network operators and offer efficient charging-related data services, such as battery health monitoring and optimization recommendations.

We help you to prioritize product development, market penetration efforts, and development initiatives for next‑generation battery technologies using POI data.

For Charging Connector Manufacturers

Design, develop and supply customized, optimized charging connectors that cater to specific charging station configurations and user requirements. Identify underutilized EV charging stations and deploy advanced charging connectors, enhancing speed capabilities and customer experience.

We offer connector compatibility insights across different stations that allow you to ensure seamless integration and interoperability across the charging infrastructure.

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For EV Charging Network Operators

Identify high-demand locations for potential expansion of charging infrastructure, optimizing network coverage, and in planning maintenance and repair activities. Collaborate with local businesses near charging stations to identify partnership opportunities, such as offering discounts or incentives to EV drivers.

We provide location data insights that help optimize pricing models, offering competitive rates based on EV station popularity, demand, and user behavior.

For Power Companies

Plan and deploy infrastructure upgrades in areas with a high concentration of electric vehicles and charging stations to minimize the impact of outages on charging services. Analyze charging station usage trends to identify opportunities for load balancing and demand response programs to manage peak power demand.

We help you to identify areas with high electricity usage to make informed decisions on grid reinforcement and investment in renewable energy sources.

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The Global EV Charging Landscape: Know Your Market, Power Your Business

Gain a competitive edge in the electric vehicle market by exploring the global EV charging market through our detailed infographic and leveraging valuable market insights to drive your business forward.

Accelerate your growth with data-powered decisions

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.