70% of customer data changes every year

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Focus on data hygiene for better results with automated contact data validation services

The success of your sales and marketing campaigns largely depends upon the quality of data in your CRM. Cleaning CRM helps to boost your campaign success rates. Here’s how the CRM database cleanse happens at Xtract.io.

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Centralized refresh

We can help you enrich and refresh your data lying in multiple sources and systems through the ETL process and deliver it through APIs

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Handle any volume

We can refresh bulky volumes of CRM data through automation and deliver rich, accurate, and error-free contacts

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Refresh periodically

Contact data changes constantly. We can periodically refresh your CRM database to ensure it is clean all the time to maintain the CRM data hygiene

crm data verification
Ensure high accuracy

CRM data verification is done through a semi-automated approach combined with human-in-loop that ensures high-level quality checks

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Get bonus data points

We not only help with your existing database cleanse but also add any preferred data points and enrich your database to make it complete and error-free

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Seamlessly Integrate

Get data delivered in any format of your choice (CSV, JSON, TSV etc) and integrate with your CRM software easily with powerful APIs

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We can help you seamlessly integrate with your CRM software

cleaning crm

Why you need to refresh your CRM now

Data hygiene ensures all your campaign efforts are focused and targetted toward the right audience. Our data hygiene services will help you

Connect with confidence

Personalize your messages

Improve your opens/clicks

Keep data up-to-date

Automate data validation

Our experts can help you get started by assessing the health of your CRM database to help you decide the need for a CRM database cleanse

crm data quality

Key Data Points to be refreshed to connect better with your prospects

Track key movements to verify and update company names

Validate email addresses to ensure if it is not in use or changed

Update titles/designations of contacts in case of promotions or job change

Refresh phone numbers and addresses in case of any changes

Ready to execute successful campaigns with a CRM database that is accurate, rich, and error-free?

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