Extract actionable customer insights within minutes.

Our platform combines NLP and rule-based algorithms to classify comments and reviews from Youtube, eCommerce marketplaces, social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Use our aspect-based sentiment analysis platform to identify what content, features, and services your customers love and hate the most.

customer sentiment analysis

Steer your business in the right direction analyzing your customer sentiments.

Identify which features of your product have positive and negative reactions among your customers.

Extract and analyze reviews from any language, geography, and demography.

Measure each opinion assigning a polarity score to understand the sentiment behind those expressions.

Enhance your customer experience with advanced filtering options like language, comments, surveys, etc.

Analyze thousands of tweets and reviews within minutes from various social platforms.

location intelligence analytics

Customer Story

An automobile giant revived its R&D operations aggregating massive feedback from its customers quickly through our solution. With our sentiment analysis tool, they analyzed 1 million text comments and reviews of multiple languages from various online social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and forums.

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© 2023 Mobius Knowledge Services
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