Media monitoring for Consultancy, PR and Media Agencies

Speed up your business and client research without scouring through millions of websites and social media. Empower your clients with seamless strategic guidance using our media monitoring platform.

Solve Industry-defining Challenges

Uptime helps in setting business strategy for management consulting firms and enables PR solutions in executing the strategy effectively. Our market research tool is tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Get hyper-local information with our global news database and screen out information relevant to you with our AI-powered search and curation engine.

ABM Process
Personalized Experience

Real-time Alerts to Keep Up the Pace

Our brand monitoring tool enables you to monitor a company's brand reputation and handle PR crisis management effectively. With our real-time alerts and notification, stay current with what is being said about your clients. Help protect organizations from any potential risks through active media monitoring and social listening of keywords and critical brand mentions.

Fuel your PR Campaigns with Uptime

Our custom curated data from thousands of sources across the web and social media enables you to step up your game in public relations campaign. Brands could gain a lot by understanding the public sentiment in building brand awareness to garner earned media coverage. Breakdown the information silos across the web and connect the dots to improve your targeted outreach.

Real-time Alerts
Custom Newsletter

Create Custom Newsletters

Newswire is a valuable PR tool that helps in implementing and driving effective communication strategies. A big picture of the business and competitive landscape can be communicated with your thought leadership topics that interest your clients and target audience. Influence opinion and build your brand voice with Uptime’s customizable newsletter design and templates.

Custom White-label Solutions

With our turnkey solution, you now have your own media monitoring solution under your brand name and logo. Attract new clients, generate more revenue, and increase your time-to-market with our customizable white-label platform. Our partnership program offers a full suite of technology, skill, and resources to achieve sustainable results.

Social Listening
B2B Lead Generation

Bring Martech to your Business Intelligence

With the expertise in business intelligence, consultancy firms can grow their martech footprint with active social listening. Understanding the operating environment of businesses along with public sentiments can create great value to solve complex problems of companies, social sectors, and public institutions.

Monitor your Earned Media

The contribution of earned media to public perception and customer loyalty helps you long-term to reflect your brand advocacy. Our brand monitoring tool cuts out the noise to bring you top results of the keywords across the web and Twitter. Identify threats, and buy time to tackle any public relations crisis and resolve conflicts before it’s too late.

Identify Sales & Marketing

Trigger signals tailored for you

Serve your clients better with our all-in-one media monitoring solution

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.