Media monitoring for Product Development and Market Research

Discover unrivaled data from the web and social media to power your advanced analytics and to develop intelligent applications. Integrate the news and social media datasets into your application via our news APIs.

Power Decision with Industry-specific Research

Track news and information on any topics, keywords, and companies. From Research and Development to brand research, we have got you covered for the critical information that you need from diverse media sources. Leverage the market data from Uptime to power your data discovery for market research, sentiment analysis, reputation management, and trend analysis.

ABM Process
Personalized Experience

Seamless Integration to your Platform

Integrate our Twitter and news feed into your intranet portals, customer-facing applications such as business intelligence tools, and other ERP systems through formats like REST API, XML, JSON, or RSS feeds.

Market Research Tool for Product Development

Manufacturing or Consumer goods, Research and Development can be a very challenging terrain to thrive in. Whether it is extending your product lines or innovating new products, competitive intelligence plays a crucial role in understanding the competitive landscape for market entry. Spot market trends, analyze regulatory changes and accelerate your time-to-market with our AI-powered product research tool.

Real-time Alerts
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Eliminate Unwanted Noise from Clutter

Uptime's machine learning and AI technology de-duplicates and curates every article to remove the unwanted noise from the clutter. Our curation engine and smart taxonomy system make unstructured data machine-readable suitable for your downstream process. Important keywords and entity names are highlighted and annotated using our machine learning technology and NER (Named Entity Recognition).

Build Efficient Predictive Models

Use the datasets from our news APIs for your analytics program or to train your AI, NLP, and ML models to enhance your application’s capabilities. Leverage the enriched, labeled topic-based metadata from our media monitoring platform for your big data and machine learning projects. Curated from our ML platform, multiple off-the-shelf training dataset APIs are available for your neural networks and artificial intelligence program.

Social Listening
B2B Lead Generation

Create Customizable Workflow

Uptime acts as a highly customizable search engine with advanced filters and indexing to bring you the relevant information. Our media monitoring platform helps you create automated workflows that enable you to tag, categorize, and organize information strategically. Build topics that you want to track, add inclusion and exclusion keywords under each topic, and set alerts to get it delivered to your mail.

Share Reports and Export Feeds

Our media monitoring and social listening platform enable easy sharing and team collaboration. You can export, download, interact and save every article for retrieving them in the future. Empower stakeholders with relevant data to break the silos within the organization.

Identify Sales & Marketing

Trigger signals tailored for you

Fuel your analytics and research with our media monitoring platform

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.