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orchestration platform

Exploit our scalable web crawlers to power your data-driven business intelligence.

Mobito is a cloud-based infrastructure management platform, developed to extract data from complex unstructured data sources and deliver enriched content to downstream systems.


Crawl sources of any volume with custom crawlers deployed on Mobito and extract zillions of data points with ease


Acts as an anonymizer setting up encrypted proxies with multiple IP addresses to extract dynamically without being blocked

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Harvest data easily and effortlessly

Mobito utilizes microservice architecture to coordinate and organize all your data harvesting tasks with zero administration. Leverages virtual machines on the go with Amazon AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Services.

Why choose Mobito?

Unlock the real value of data and automate data extensive workflows employing our intelligent bots built using AI/ML technologies and our extensive industry expertise.

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High Availability

Servers are resilient to handle and recover from any failures with automatic health monitoring

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Near real-time processing

Customized web crawlers are deployed on Mobito platform to crawl large volumes of near real-time data

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Scalable architecture

Our platform has the ability to crawl and extract billions of data points from multiple sources

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I18N Support

Mobito is capable to process request on most international languages across multiple regions

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Cloud Integration

Manage and optimize all your workloads with cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

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Bypass site blockage

Our intelligent bots are built with robust algorithms to overcome all crawling challenges

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Real-time site monitor

Proactively monitors websites for availability and uptime status and notifies all stakeholders

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Integrated APP Portal

On-board bots, initiate new requests, and monitor job progress, reports, and trends with our dashboard

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Identified new business opportunities

An automated solution was built to aggregate data from 63+ resources on various data points specific to regions and schedule dates.


Integrated Mobito into the client’s system

Mobito was integrated into the client’s Regulatory Compliance platform to aggregate and import a consistent flow of real-time financial data.

Unlock the power of great data for your business.

© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.

© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.