Empower your business processes for remote work with Artificial Intelligence.

Enable seamless continuity of business operations from anywhere by re-engineering your workplace and productivity with automated workflows.

Mojo, our powerful automation solution from Xtract.io, redefines business process and workflow automation across all functions. Now, it enables you to open up your processes for a secure remote working with the ability to manage the work and make use of AI to automate complex human decisions.

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Robotic process automation redefined.

Mojo Remote Working (MRW) solution addresses each and every employee’s unique remote working needs by quickly automating your everyday business operations like data segregation or text analysis. You can build new processes or fine-tune existing workflows and deploy innovative solutions from anywhere.

With our solution tailored for your organization’s unique needs, you can now migrate to the digital workplace on your own terms.

Mojo’s intelligent judgements and decision making support (processes that can be trained with ML so that it can replace human effort and time) will instantly spike up your productivity levels.

Match up to uncertain demands with our scalable solution that tailors itself to fit changing process scenarios.

Unlike traditional RPA platforms that are more suited for simple repeatable tasks and not to mention their baggage of complex and costly implementation, Mojo Remote Working solution helps you manage complex data with progressive automation improvements to reduce time and costs.

Secure remote working solution in the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic has forced an increased number of workers to operate remotely and organizations are taking steps to ensure a secure digital workforce. Mojo Remote Working solution, built by our AI and operations experts, places data security and team management as key values to serve the enterprises.

With Mojo Remote Working solution, you can ensure that:

Valuable and sensitive information stays within your organization

Your remote workforce operates in a hack-proof environment

Providing and maintaining authorization for user access with ease

Mojo can help you make remote working work, wherever your employees are, without compromising on your data security and secure your access to resources and data between all managed and unmanaged devices.

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Keep employees enabled, connected and feeling safe.

Organizations across the globe are dealing with unprecedented operational challenges.Staying connected with your stakeholders and managing your remote workforce is mission-critical during these uncertain times. Mojo can cater to all kinds of your teams such as:

Social distancing for health reasons and are entirely new to the remote working culture

Seasoned work-from-home professionals or remote working companies from its inception

Staying off-site for temporary purposes or business events

Mojo can keep your employees enabled, collaborating on projects safe, and making automations easy. It helps you to quickly and confidently set up a safe, secure and fully-functioning remote digital workplace.

Key Features

remote work management

User management

With Mojo, you can assign roles to each user, define access level and classify user mapping to projects or modules.

automation data accuracy

Built-in automation capabilities

Improve data accuracy, reduce input errors, say no to paper document processing costs, and eliminate manual tasks with Mojo.

Private cloud installations

Private cloud installations

Our solution is extremely easy to install, implement and scale. It can be easily accessed through APIs that can also be extended to provide seamless output.

remote working alerts

Metrics and alerts

Mojo offers accurate metric measurement on productivity, quality and time. With its built-in reports and dashboard, you will have access to the granular details of data that the process involves.

Multi format compatibility

Multi format compatibility

Quickly capture, extract and analyze data from large sets of documents, irrespective of formats like HTML, PDF or even images, and data sources of any size in any language.

Start with your own flexible, remote working solution today.

© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.

© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.