Workflow and unstructured document management made easy with Mojo

automated workflow platform

Mojo, our configurable workflow platform, with a built-in AI human-in-the-loop solution automatically captures human decisions by understanding unstructured content, which constitutes about 80% of information in an organization.

hybrid workforce

Hybrid Workforce

Balance human and machine tasks to build the optimal collaborative workforce

intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation

Identify previously unseen opportunities for automation to have the greatest impact

accelerated productivity

Accelerated Productivity

Increase your productivity with the power of ML, by upto 60%

How it works?

Mojo along with it’s back-end engine Worxtream, processes data or information in an unstructured format by orchestrating a series of bots to simulate any complex workflow and bubble-up the human decision screen for quick and easy data management.

workflow automation

Mojo’s customizable features will empower your business to succeed

Handles any document format like PDF, scanned images, HTML, text documents etc.

Worxtream cognitive process automation engine is a configurable orchestrator which uses its library of pre-tested bots, along with linkages to databases & stored procedures, third-party tools, legacy applications and custom built bots

Mojo platform is cloud hosted, enabling secure access from anywhere in the world. It offers two models.

Cloud-hosted managed services (API access available)

Private cloud installations

Capture the human decision making to provide a feedback loop to the AI algorithms. This continuously improves confidence matching in data quality and can be configured to automatically update the data above a certain threshold quality score

A library of proven AI based bots for managing unstructured data and building a process flow upstream that does most of the work, leaving only the final decision making to humans.

custom workflow automation

Mojo offers customizable solutions across industries to cater your business needs.

Data Annotation

Our AI Powered solution manages the entire data annotation process, from designing workflows to sourcing. Annotation of text, images, audio and video data with our cloud based tool. With our completely customizable solution, no job is too big or complex.

Remote Working

Create a Productive and Secure Environment for your Employees to thrive from Anywhere. Address each and every employee's unique remote working needs by quickly automating your everyday business operations like data segregation or text analysis.

Key Features

profile management

Profile management

seamless cloud deployment

Seamless Cloud Deployment

quantitative indicators

Quantitative indicators

real time alerting

Real time alerting

Implement your own flexible digital workplace today.

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