Aggregated job vacancies from various aggregator sites to analyze trends and employment statistics

The Business Need

An American based online employment aggregator site performed a market research on other competitor sites to provide a better customer experience. They wanted to collect listings from various other competitor sites and company websites.

How we solved the problem

There were around 20 data points to be collected from 5 competitor sites and 200 company websites. The aggregated job data had to be further cleaned to remove duplicates and enriched to have complete information. developed two algorithms to extract relevant job data. One for aggregator sites and one for company websites because they varied in structure.


The comprehensive data aggregated enabled our client to better their candidate experience by providing more options to filter their search. The candidates were able to filter their jobs based on the aggregated data points like wages, location , etc., and even listed similar jobs that matched their search. The candidates were also able to see the wages and how the trend grows in the future for a particular job or skill, based on the data collected. Thus overall customer experience was improved based on the fresh and comprehensive data provided by

>20 job data from 200 sites aggregated

Comprehensive job data aggregated

Optimized job postings

Market trend predicted

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