Accurate data extraction and intensive quality check to access high-quality data rapidly

The Business Need

A global Info Publisher in the United States wanted to extract, validate, and enrich data from over 250 data sources. They are one of the leading providers of big data and marketing services. Our client required in-depth research along with high accuracy in verifying various company-related information such as employee information, services, products, affiliates, etc.,


Verification and validation of millions of data were complicated as there was a lot of duplicate data. Also, obtaining the data from the web was a challenging task as always due to insufficient and incorrect information spread across multiple sources. It became a mandate to verify the data through different channels to ensure accuracy.

How we solved the problem

We used a unique hybrid solution involving technology with minimal human intervention to validate personnel and company data.

Our federated search BOT identified and extracted the necessary data from the top 5 sources, saving significant time and effort.

We manually cross-checked the data through tele callers to ensure that the extracted data was of absolute accuracy.

Our in-house tool automatically identified and flagged data, format, and field logic errors and normalized the data in the required format.

The tool helped reduce oversight errors and associate rework by 90% using over 1000 validation rules in real-time.

We delivered 100% accurate validated and normalized data from the output file to the client CRM.


This client relationship has been in place for over 12 years, and we have verified over 13 million companies and personnel records. We have assisted our clients in growing their businesses by eliminating formatting errors through intensive quality checks and helping them in saving $300k per year. Furthermore, our robust automation has successfully enabled our client to reduce manual verification by 15% and processing time per record from 35 minutes to 24 minutes.

Data extraction

Data verification and validation

> 250 data resources

Enhanced data quality by 100%

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.