AI-powered data quality and enrichment services to rapidly profile the massive amount of data

The Business Need

A global education technology company based in the United States wanted to develop enriched database hosting services for approximately 250K Listee Records of American Men and Women Scientists. They are among the leading learning solutions providers to schools, colleges, library references, and professional markets.


Finding and accessing relevant information to enrich the reference work on leading scientists' records through manual research was difficult. Also, managing the immense volume of updated data and developing data models to ensure seamless data accessibility and security was a challenging task.

How we solved the problem

We implemented a custom solution to assist our client in enriching and updating the reference work on leading scientists in the United States and Canada.

Our technical experts wrote queries for our bots to automatically update and enrich the American Men & Women of Science 39th Edition records.

We then housed the updated records in our secured database management system called "Solis," ensuring high data security and privacy.

We created data models for the required data structure within Solis, helping our clients to access the data at any time.


We delivered high-quality content-enhancement and database hosting and maintenance services rapidly with our robust data management solutions. We have assisted our client in achieving 95% data accuracy for nearly 250K+ records and managed them securely in our secured database management system.

Data quality and enrichment

> 250K record volume

95% accuracy assured

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.