Business need

Our client, one of the fastest growing proptech companies in the UK, delivers the right insights for its clients through a location intelligence platform. They wanted to gather accurate location data in real-time to help their clients identify promising properties across the UK. They help property developers, land agents, location planners to identify housing locations and make better investment decisions.

They were looking for a solution that can extract data from Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), a government site that assesses potential locations for housing and economic development. SHELAA provides interactive maps that widely covers all regions across the UK for a complete visualization.

Our client was looking to gather datasets from more than 300 government councils in the UK to cover all the regions with precision. Hence, they wanted to integrate their workflow with an automated solution for easy data collection and updating.

Challenges our client faced

Our client targeted government council sites that provide dynamic interactive maps to collect the data. Collecting data from interactive maps manually is difficult and time consuming. The polygons in the sites are rendered as images and it is challenging to extract polygon coordinates.

Our client wanted data that is spread across numerous sites and platforms with scale. Manual extraction of high volume data with velocity is prone to anomalies. The data on SHELAA is updated on a daily basis, which makes it nearly impossible to gather data in real-time.

How we solved the problem?

We created a tailored data aggregation solution that can gather polygon information from multiple government sources in a real-time manner. Whenever there is an update on the interactive maps, we replicate that change in the client dashboard for delivering the right data to its clients.

We used a blend of automated and hybrid methodology to extract the location data from dynamic dashboards. We used Amazon S3 to convert and deliver the vector images in a shape file format for easy accessibility and readability. We extracted, stored and handled data that came at a rapid rate.

We designed a custom workflow for the client to receive the updated data in a scheduled manner without any manual intervention. They were able to include data aggregation operations into their current systems, thanks to our simplified deployment option and round-the-clock customer support and maintenance.


Our client could access and evaluate location data from over 300 sites with just a simple click. Our simplified approach helped them to access the data points across the organization and gather reliable insights. They could easily transfer the data which was delivered to them in shape file format.

They leveraged our advanced data aggregation technology to make custom workflows and make data aggregation a completed automated process. This method ensured precise and relevant data with an accuracy more than 95%. Our client gathered more quality leads through delivering the right location data for housing purposes. As the data points were up-to-date, their insights were accurate and enabled their clients to make better housing property decisions.

95% accurate bidding

Real-time aggregation

Data from 300 government councils

ROI increased by 45%

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.