Xtract.io automated large-scale hotel and event data aggregation for a US-based travel intelligence provider.

The Business Need

A travel and event intelligence provider based out of US wanted to aggregate hotels, points of interest, and event details from different websites across various geographies. They wanted to streamline their operations and further automate the whole process to provide a seamless travel experience to their clients. For this, a large-scale data extraction had to be done to serve international clients. They wanted to improve their customer service by aggregating hotel rates, amenities, and various points of interest around their accommodations.

How we solved the problem

We utilized our bots to automate the verification and update process.

GTR bot was deployed to identify the website of those new hotels given by the client. Our business analysts built a model to identify the various attributes from those identified websites.

Website Change Monitoring (WCM) bot was deployed to monitor the websites for any content changes and updates. The modifications were integrated into our Mojo Platform where the data was validated and standardized. The enriched data was pushed into the client system with custom-built API.


More than 100 attributes like hotel manager name, contact number, hotel address, hours of hotel operation, rooms, amenities, and more had to be aggregated. Around 33000 hotels and 45000 events had to be monitored. The details had to be aggregated and verified on a daily and weekly basis so that it is accurate and complete. Further, places of interest around those hotels had to be collected.

  • Identify URLs of new hotels

  • Identify places of interests

  • Aggregate hotel and event data

  • Perform Quality check


The time taken for verification of data sources and the quality check was reduced by more than 60% as all the processes were automated with our Mojo platform. The operational efficiency was increased by 75% and productivity was increased significantly as the updated data was integrated into the client system directly.

33K+ hotels & 45K+ events covered

100+ data attributes pulled per site

Intelligent bots were deployed to identify new hotel websites

Monitored website changes to remove outdated information

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.