The Business Need

A payment technology company in the United States helps businesses optimize and manage their payment systems. They cater to industries such as fintech, retail, restaurants, and other ecommerce brands by connecting them to multiple gateways and payment providers through a single API. This enhances the customer’s payment process, manages the brand’s ecommerce propositions, and increases revenue.

Their cloud-native SaaS platform bind client’s payment ecosystems, creating connectivity and control over systems and improving commercial outcomes. They offer exciting customer-centric values, such as coupons, loyalty programs, gift cards, and offers through which customers can make payments on purchases at any store and avail benefits.

They needed location data of around 135 brands from A few of the top most popular brands include Adidas, Bath & Body Works, Chipotle, Kohl’s, and many more. The data will be integrated into their application to help the brand’s customers make purchases seamlessly.


It is common for people to shop online or order food online. Online transactions have made life much simpler. The client company wanted to leverage this fact and make the user journey from purchase to payment easy, simple, and beneficial.

The payment technology company required data from many brands, i.e., 135 brands, each with multiple locations. The process was time-consuming, and locations were to be derived accurately. Each location had to be determined and validated for accuracy and recency.

The locations of each brand store had to be indicated with the following data points:

Output Datapoints
Domain ID Location Name
Address Address Extended
Locality Region
Postcode Telephone
Website Store ID
Brand or Chain name Location Type
Latitude Longitude Solutions and Analysis

Our team of GIS experts extracted a total of 1M+ locations for 135 brands in the USA. All of these locations were extracted through an open-source platform, verified from the brand’s domain site for accuracy, and delivered to the client in .xls format. The locations or point of interest data delivered were 95% accurate and 96% recent. The humongous set of data was delivered in 2 weeks. The technology provider could integrate the location data provided by into their in-house application. Sample data are shown below:

Sample Data
Domain ID 1418 1418 1418
Brand/Chain Name Costco Wholesale Costco Wholesale Costco Wholesale
Store ID 340 365 1172
Location Type Pharmacy Tire Service Center Food Court
Address 3102 Plank Road 200 AVE RAFAEL CORDERO 10000 DAWNADELE AVE
Address_extended #600 #30 BLDG A
Region VA PR LA
Postcode 22407 00725 70809
Latitude 38.2906095 18.247 30.4192777
Longitude -77.5155307 -66.024 -91.0743263
Telephone 5407851162 7876536936 2252954610

The payment application generates coupons and offers to customers whenever they visit a location or are in the nearest radius of the specific place of interest. POI datasets increased buyer satisfaction, business revenue, and most importantly, the brand’s user-friendly approach towards their customers; after all, the customer is the king!

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