Accurately handcrafted polygons for real estate market expansions

The Business Need

A property technology company based out of the UK provides solutions to the real estate market on property maintenance and development, site selections, and market and property expansion. They have enhanced the real estate market by making each and every property better through planning applications and technological solutions.

This fast-growing PropTech company approached to assist in providing site selection decisions via our accurate polygons. They wanted us to extract property-related datasets from planning documents and images obtained from planning applications and zoning websites.


The company wanted to understand the nature of the land around a specific region, visualize the barren lands and classify them into different categories based on how soon these barren lands can be converted into construction sites.

  • - Deliverable

  • - Developable

  • - Achievable

  • - Partially suitable

  • - Not viable

automotive business intelligence report

Additionally, based on the above categories, the polygons of each site had to be classified into Positive, Negative, and Neutral based on the outcome of it. With limited information, extracting data, creating polygons, and classifying the sites was challenging. Analysis & Solutions

Our team of GIS experts researched and found out that councils and counties in English often publish city planning policy documents on their respective council sites. These documents consist of information such as legal and environmental constraints and interactive maps.

The team extracted digital maps from these PDFs and geo-referenced them with Openstreet or Google Maps. They were further digitized and polygons of these locations were created in QGIS applications as shown below.

automotive business intelligence report

Once the polygons were created, they were categorized based on the above parameters and tagged to outcomes that indicated if the site is positive, negative, or neutral. The polygons were quality-checked by the QA assurance team and attained 95% quality in its review, exceeding the industry-standard and customer expectations. successfully helped the company in finding the most viable option to construct, expand, and reconstruct a property based on its development and market status.

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