Reduced hiring time with fresh and comprehensive job data aggregated by

The Business Need

A Europe based recruiting agency was not able to find their ideal candidates even though they spent quality amount of time and resources. They came with a pressing need to aggregate and build high-quality talents to empower their manpower.

How we solved the problem

The client's existing database was not updated to the latest job seekers. We had to first refresh those data and aggregate other profiles across various locations. adopted an automated method to extract prospective job seekers based on their skills, expertise, designation, and location. It was then merged with the client’s database to have a consolidated talent pool.


The data-driven candidate profiling helped the client to shorten their hiring process from 8 months to 45 days. They were able to target their hiring efforts like recruitment marketing campaigns and branding. Moreover, the quality of the candidates aggregated was significantly higher than those interviewed before.

Identified best talents

Targeted recruitment campaigns

Reduced recruitment time from 8 months to 45 days

Refreshed old talent pool

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