Make informed business decisions with our market intelligence solutions.

Get detailed and valuable insights to quickly understand market opportunities, customer behavior, and product performance, all with location-based insights.

Our actionable market and competitive intelligence can be easily shared and understood across your entire organization. With our business market intelligence services and solutions, you can anticipate market movements, benchmark against your competitors, and make strategic business decisions with geographic and demographic analysis.

business market intelligence

Amplify your selling with market intelligence

Market understanding plays a crucial role in strengthening your position in the growing market. But handling and making sense of all the primary, secondary, and alternative data has been a great challenge. With our market intelligence solution, you can automate data aggregation and analyze large-scale data with powerful visualizations.

Segment your market into discrete groups and pitch services to addressable and available markets

Forecast market to mitigate investment risks before venturing into a new market

Spot emerging market and technology trend and seize opportunities before competitors

Power your customer experience with customer intelligence

Get a holistic view of your customer behavior and perceptions to pivot your brand and communication strategies with our market intelligence services and solutions. You can unify data from both your internal CRM, marketing tools, sales pipeline tools, and online sources like comments, reviews, focus groups, and more.

Track what your existing customers talk about your product and service

Identify your customers to tailor your communications and gain quick ROIs

Nurture customer relationship and increase loyalty rate by measuring your customers’ emotional engagement with your brand

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business geographic information

Drive your business with location intelligence

Businesses that use location data always prosper. Win more customers and increase market share using our precise location analytics. The geographic identity of a prospect helps sales and marketing leaders bring context to their messaging. You can attract local audiences by customizing your offers based on geographic information.

Create your own target audience tracking customer visit patterns and footfall

Engage with your customers sending them personalized location triggered messaging

Upsell your business targeting your competitors’ customers with geo-conquesting

Accelerate your innovation with product intelligence

The market is transforming at a rapid rate. Your products need to evolve to sustain the competition and benefit new customers. With our product intelligence, you can build innovative products that can retain old customers and acquire new users.

Accelerate your product launch with a clear picture of your market segment

Capture customer feedback tracking your product mentions across various online channels to improve your customer experience

Track your competitors’ products for recent product features and functionality

product intelligence
business competitive intelligence

Benchmark your brand with competitive intelligence

Actionable and powerful insights can be acquired from your competitors. With our competitive market intelligence data, you can analyze how your competitors enter and sustain in the market. You can rethink business strategies and make smart decisions taking advantage of their customers, business, and industry data.

Accelerate your organizational buy-in time sharing our insightful reports that can be easily interpreted and track various KPIs

Track your competitors’ customers and understand what they like about their service

Identify hidden market gaps and opportunities looking into competitors

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data intelligence services
Drive profits and simplify operations with our dealership intelligence.

Compare and evaluate various dealer inventories, strategies, and pricing to manage workloads and navigate your automotive business.

Our highlights

Intelligent translation

Intelligent translation

Our translation and localization intelligence derives actionable insights from sources in multiple languages and currencies.

Flexible integrations

Flexible integrations

Our flexible and extendable architecture can import reliable data directly into your ERP, CRM, Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau, PowerBI.

Assured data quality

Assured data quality

Our solution ensures to give you 100% high-quality company and contact data so that your insights are accurate and actionable.

Grow your business with our comprehensive market and competitive intelligence solutions.

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.