Enhance efficiency across your organization using operational analytics.

Easily streamline operations with a unified view of all data from enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, and other systems. Our descriptive and predictive models allow you to find granular insights from sensor data, machine data, operational data, and transactional data.

Operational analytics solutions across industries

aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

Predictive airport operations analytics enables flight operators and airport authorities to forecast flight cancellations based on weather conditions, holiday season, airspace constraints, and more.

operations energy and utilities

Energy and Utilities

Powerful operational data analytics well-integrated with in-house systems enable operation heads and managers to improve pipeline operations and plant maintenance analyzing data from assets that are situated anywhere in the world.

Intelligent manufacturing analytics


Intelligent manufacturing operational data analytics empowers production managers and supervisors to make informed procurement and production decisions while reducing downtime predicting equipment failures.

Increase productivity by streamlining supply chain operations

With our real-time operational analytics solutions, you can improve your entire logistics and supply chain performance right from inventory to delivery.

Find high demand products in the market and ensure your inventory has them with our inventory intelligence

Compare products across various vendors and plan your warehouse operations

Track delivery delay and streamline orders processing, shipment, and delivery

Monitor important KPIs like order entry, inventory, supplier scheduling, availability to promise, and delivery date

supply chain intelligence
optimizing asset operations

Increase reliability through optimizing asset operations

You can improve your capital planning and reduce downtime, collecting sensor data from a large number of manufacturing machines, networking devices, and other equipment into a single platform.

Identify the right investment opportunities accessing life, life-cycle cost, and maintenance cost with our accurate compliance reporting

Predicting asset failures and planning preventive measures ahead of any issues with alerts with our predictive asset maintenance

Forecast demand tracking historic data and find patterns to improve your operational performance

Increase profitability with customer data integration

Our 360-degree view of customer analytics allows you to streamline all your sales and marketing operations like leads, contacts, accounts, communications, and performance.

Sales and call center agents can reach out to potential prospects analyzing social mentions, customer preferences, behavior, location, purchase orders, etc.

Enhance customer experience analyzing numerous customer emails and providing quick resolutions

Forecast demand and seize opportunities analyzing your past sales data and current market demands

customer data integration

Why choose our business intelligence and analytics solution?

flexible custom solutions

Flexible custom solutions

Our robust real-time operational analytics solutions can scale to your evolving business models and processes. Integrate with your existing data applications both on the cloud and in-house.

Compliance and auditing

Compliance and auditing

Our in-house auditors ensure your data complies with any international standards. Reduce any compliance risk by maintaining high-quality data that adheres to GAAP, FASB, ASC 842, IFRS 16.

powerful data integration

Seamless integration

With our powerful integration, you can ingest data from multiple systems like ERP, SCM, CRM, and other applications. Periodically collect data from both unstructured sources and alternate sources.

market predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Our predictive operations analytics can identify and understand user behaviors and market trends. You can predict the downtime of your assets and increase asset availability and improve production.

Take your operational agility to the next level with our operational data analytics solution.

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© 2024 Xtract.io Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.