Accurate solar data analytics with actionable insights

Leverage the most innovative solar data analytics solution to capitalize on renewable energy assets and efficiently manage renewable energy portfolios. Generate powerful insights to harness clean solar energy and take actions that favor your finances.

Competitive benchmarking

Power your business with our data analytics solution

Track solar assets’ health and set milestones based on data, and steer financial growth

Visualize deviation in weather and operations with predictive analytics to deal with fluctuations

Predict ROI based on evidence acquired from market sentiments and financial stability of projects

Plan energy projects and make calculated decisions on decommissioning or repowering the solar plants

We offer our data analytics to support enterprises that provide the following solar energy solutions.


Solar Irradiance Prediction


Solar Energy Output Calculation


CO2 & Other Gas Emission Tracking


Aggregating Solar IoT Data


Asset Maintenance Schedule Alert

Increase renewable energy production and maximize revenue growth with Artificial Intelligence for solar energy

online brand monitoring tools

With our tailored, flexible, and scalable solar analytics solution, meet your customers’ shifting demands, monitor energy theft based on profiles, and quickly turn data into valuable insights. Also, decide what your Key Performance Indicators are, track the underperforming plants, monitor the root cause of the dip in production, and make decisions based on powerful insights.

Profile and segment your customers based on the amount of energy used and track the change in their consumption and easily spot energy thefts

Gain valuable insights from single-point and bulk forecast prediction models to obtain real-time energy production value

Get maintenance alerts based on predicted vs actual energy levels and schedule operational and plant checks to boost solar energy production

Examine past setbacks in energy generation, forecast the outcomes of your counter actions, and make decisions that help you scale up your profit

online brand monitoring tools
Competitive benchmarking

Overcome operational and maintenance challenges and optimize solar performance

Competitive benchmarking

Predict the future irradiance value with climate and other influencing factors as inputs, know energy requirements for a particular location, and make demand response strategies and decisions whether to install a plant.

Know the energy demand for any area based on historical energy consumption, the number of solar plants that already cater to the needs, etc.

Track solar performance and asset life through customized reports to streamline anomaly detection and asset maintenance

Create demand response strategies to engage customers in modifying their energy consumption to balance supply and demand

Analyze solar irradiance based on weather forecasting data and stay prepared to face a dip or surge in the output during a change in weather

We offer renewable energy data, monitoring, operations & maintenance, and reporting all under one dashboard.

flexible custom solutions

Aggregate data from any solar asset

Extract and clean data from any solar plant or database and combine technical and financial data into a single data hub.

Compliance and auditing

Turn raw data into actionable insights

Obtain data in conceptual, physical, and representational models to analyze and address asset losses and drop in performances.

powerful data integration

Reduce outage and operating costs

Streamline and simplify operations to improve efficiency and significantly cut down maintenance costs.

market predictive analytics

Get reports with zero

Compare and get instant reports on output values vs. predicted values. Monitor and rectify asset faults to avoid production shortages at any time.

Boost solar plants performance with AI in solar energy and scale your solar energy business right now!

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© 2024 Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd | All Rights Reserved | A Mobius Venture.